Roundup More Toxic Than DDT, Kills Thousands of People!


By Dr. Mercola

The public’s appreciation of the toxicity of glyphosate—the active ingredient in Monsanto’s broad-spectrum herbicide Roundup—is still limited, despite highly damning research being published.

The fact that Monsanto marketed Roundup as “environmentally friendly” and “biodegradable” probably has a lot to do with this general lack of insight.

More people are apt to remember the Roundup commercial than recall the fact that Monsanto was twice found guilty of false advertising of this herbicide. In 2009, a French court again upheld these earlier convictions.

Mounting evidence shows that glyphosate is FAR more toxic than anyone previously suspected, both alone and in combination with other additives (as in the case of Roundup), or in combination with other agricultural chemicals and/or heavy metals.

Dr. Donald Huber, one of the premier plant pathologists in the US, views it far more toxic than DDT. They are spraying nearly ONE BILLION pounds every year on our food crops. That is enough glyphosate to fill 4,000 Olympic sized swimming pools.

Most recently, what’s being referred to as “an epidemic” of chronic kidney disease—a mysterious form of toxic nephropathy—striking down farmers in Sri Lanka, India, and Central America’s Pacific coastline (El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica), has now been traced back to Roundup in combination with contaminated fertilizer.

As reported by Lanka Business Online1“Chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology (CKDu) first appeared in Sri Lanka’s rice growing areas in the north central province in the 1990s and has been spreading into other areas including the South, with over 20,000 estimated deaths so far.” According to estimates by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), some 20,000 American farm workers are also being poisoned on the job each year2.

Lethal Kidney Disease Linked to Roundup and Phosphate Fertilizer Combo

According to a recent study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health,3 glyphosate may carry heavy metals and minerals, whether naturally-occurring or originating from agricultural chemicals, into your kidneys, courtesy of its chelating properties.

A unique feature of this kidney disease (chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology/CKDu) is that none of the commonly known risk factors apply, such as diabetes or hypertension, but there’s a strong association between this mysterious kidney disease and consumption of hard water, i.e. water that contains higher amounts of calcium, magnesium, strontium, and iron.

Ninety-six percent of patients with chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology had consumed hard or very hard water for at least five years. Meanwhile, the disease is not found among those who get their drinking water straight from natural springs. Kidney toxicity is not known to be associated with hard water consumption, and this surprising finding added to the initial mystery. Furthermore, the disease seemed to have cropped out of nowhere. There were no reported cases of this kind of kidney disease in Sri Lanka prior to the 1990s.

The researchers note that the original use of glyphosate was as a de-scaling agent, used to clean out calcium and other mineral deposits in hot water systems. De-scaling agents attach to minerals such as calcium and magnesium, rendering them water soluble. According to the authors:

“[T]he totality of scientific evidence gathered so far has highlighted the fact that an unknown factor (Compound X) originating from agrochemicals, when combined with hardness/Ca/Mg can cause significant kidney damage; thus explaining many current observations including the unique geographical distribution of the disease.

If we assume that the ‘Compound X’ is derived from the agrochemicals and is easily bound to Ca/Mg/Sr/Fe to ultimately cause damage to the kidneys, then this hypothesis can explain the geographical distribution of chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology (CKDu) as well as the occurrence of the disease only after the 1990s…

Although glyphosate alone does not cause an epidemic of chronic kidney disease, it seems to have acquired the ability to destroy the renal tissues of thousands of farmers when it forms complexes with a localized geo-environmental factor (hardness) and nephrotoxic metals.”

A ‘Perfect Storm’ of Environmental Factors and Chemical Contamination

Arsenic also plays a role. Previous research has shown victims of chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology have arsenic in their hair and nails, and arsenic along with heavy metals such as cadmium, chromium, nickel, and lead are also found in the triple-super-phosphate (TSP) fertilizer used by Sri Lankan farmers.

Triple superphosphate4 (TSP), also known as calcium dihydrogen phosphate and as monocalcium phosphate, became widely used in the 20th cen­tury. In Sri Lanka, it’s applied within a couple of weeks of spraying the rice fields with glyphosate.

According to the featured study, Sri Lankan farmers do not use protective gear when applying agricultural chemicals, which would explain why glyphosate has been found in farmers’ urine post-application. The matter may be further compounded by the fact that:

  • The affected farmers dissolve the glyphosate in hard water before spraying
  • They eat rice contaminated with glyphosate and heavy metals
  • Many chew locally grown tobacco, which has also been found to be contaminated with cadmium and arsenic

“The phosphorus atom in the phosphonic group in the glyphosate/AMPA molecule can possibly be replaced by As (Arsenic). Following dermal and respiratory absorption of glyphosate, it can form complexes with nephrotoxic metals and arsenic derived from rice, vegetables and tobacco within the circulation,” the researchers say.

Chemical Agriculture Has Replaced Sustainable Agriculture Around the Globe

Chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology has also become commonplace among Central American sugarcane farmers. The two crops, rice and sugarcane, both require higher amounts of agricultural chemicals when grown on a large scale, and glyphosate is the most widely used pesticide in areas affected by this chronic kidney disease.

Shockingly, considering its majestic natural beauty, the island country of Sri Lanka has some of the highest use of agricultural chemicals in the world! According to the featured article:5

“The Island newspaper… quoted WHO/UN data which said Sri Lanka used 471 units of agro-chemicals, the highest in the world, made up of 187 Units of pesticides, which was also the highest in the world and 284 units of fertilizer, which was the 8th highest in the world.

Others were; Bangladesh (431U), Jamaica (397U), Dominican Republic (358U), Costa Rica (357U) and El Salvador (355U)… The state also subsidizes chemical fertilizer in an unprecedented scale.”

The Many Health Hazards of Glyphosate

It seems quite clear that we’ve radically altered our farming methods, embracing the “marvels” of chemical agriculture, without having a clear understanding of what all of these products actually do, alone and in combination, beyond their obvious benefits of killing pests. It appears as though, long-term, certain chemicals such as glyphosate also have the ability to kill the human population, along with other portions of the natural world.

Glyphosate is actually, in many ways, similar to DDT, which is now known to cause reproductive problems and birth defects6among other things. The most recent research into DDT effects found that exposure appears to increase the risk of developingAlzheimer’s disease, decades later.

This is undoubtedly unwelcome news to those who, in their youth, used to run out and frolic in the fumes from the DDT truck! Remember, DDT was advertised7 as completely harmless, and sold to an unsuspecting public with catchy slogans like “DDT is Good for Me-e-e!” Heck, they even sold DDT-laced wallpaper8 specifically designed for children’s rooms! And it was “certified to be absolutely safe for home use.”

Today, we have glyphosate which, just like DDT, has been falsely advertised, and falsely ”certified” and “guaranteed” as safe. Besides being identified as a likely causative factor in fertility problems and birth defects, research also shows that glyphosate:

Decimates beneficial microorganisms in the soil essential for proper plant function and high quality nutrition Causes extreme disruption of your gut microbes’ function and lifecycle;preferentially affecting beneficial bacteria, while promoting the growth of pathogens in your intestines
Chelates critical microminerals, preventing them from being utilized by the plant (leading to nutrient-deficient food) Inhibits enzymes that catalyze the oxidation of organic substances, which appears to be an overlooked component of glyphosate’s toxicity to mammals. By limiting the ability of these enzymes to detoxify foreign chemical compounds, glyphosateenhances the damaging effects of those chemicals and environmental toxins you may be exposed to
Promotes the proliferation of disease-causing pathogens in soil Is toxic to water fleas at extraordinarily low levels, well within the levels expected to be found in the environment. These findings throw serious doubt on glyphosate’s safety
Predisposes cattle to lethal botulism Is toxic to human DNA even when diluted to concentrations 450-fold lower than used in agricultural applications

Other Hidden Health Hazards Associated with Phosphate Fertilizers

Polonium-210 is a highly radioactive element9 that releases alpha particles as it decays. It’s also chemically toxic.10 While alpha particles cannot penetrate deeply into your body, they can cause serious damage to cells they do come into contact with. While naturally present in small amounts in the environment, one of the primary sources of exposure is via calcium phosphate fertilizers, commonly used on tobacco fields and food crops.

Researchers have gone so far as to suggest that it’s the radiation from these fertilizers that are the primary cause of cancer in smokers.111213 According to a report in the journal Nicotine and Tobacco Research,14 radioactivity in tobacco comes from two sources: the atmosphere and uptake through soil rich in calcium phosphate fertilizer contaminated with polonium phosphates.

You can also consume polonium by drinking fluoridated water, courtesy of the fluorosilicic acid used. This chemical byproduct, created during the phosphate fertilizer manufacturing process, is what is typically used to fluoridate municipal water supplies. Uranium and radium are two known carcinogens found in fluorosilicic acid used for water fluoridation, and polonium-210 is one of two decay products of uranium. Furthermore, polonium decays into stable lead-206, which also has significant health risks—especially in children—and research has indeed shown that drinking fluoridated water increases lead absorption in your body.

Phosphate Fertilizers Also Used in GMO Agriculture

Phosphate fertilizers are also used on food crops. And while food-borne polonium may be absorbed and react differently in your body than being inhaled, you could potentially be exposed to greater levels of this (and other) radioactive elements than previously thought, through the aggressive use of phosphate fertilizers in food production. Besides the risk of radioactive contamination, research has shown that dietary calcium phosphate has a detrimental effect on your gut health—an effect shared by glyphosate, which also decimates your gut flora. According to a 2002 study in the Journal of Nutrition:15

“Most Gram-positive bacteria are susceptible to the bactericidal action of fatty acids and bile acids. Because dietary calcium phosphate (CaP(i)) lowers the intestinal concentration of these antimicrobial agents, high CaP(i) intake may enhance intestinal colonization of Gram-positive pathogens and the subsequent pathogenesis.”

Taken together, modern agricultural methods may at first glance appear to be the most cost effective and efficient strategy, but it quickly becomes one of the most costly ways to produce food once you take into account the environmental and human health consequences.

Moreover, processed food manufacturers, represented by the Grocery Manufacturers Association of America (GMA), is working hand-in-hand with the chemical technology industry to force this food model on the world, with tax payers subsidizing the very food that will promotes disease and wreaks havoc on the environment. The GMA is spearheading the efforts of these industries to prevent you from knowing the truth about what you’re really eating, and control the food system at virtually any cost, it seems.

Greatest Purveyors of Disease Fight to Maintain Control of the Food System

As you may recall, during last year’s I-522 ballot campaign to label GMOs in Washington State, the GMA came up with an ingenious, and illegal, money laundering scheme to protect the identity of members who donated funds to the opposing campaign.16

This illegal move helped them defeat I-522 by a mere one percent margin. The scheme fell apart however, and the GMA was sued by Attorney General Bob Ferguson,17 who accused them of intentional money laundering and violating state campaign disclosure laws. As a result, the identities of the companies paying to defeat I-522 were released.18 Not surprisingly it contained the usual suspects: Pepsi, Coke, General Mills and Nestle – all primary purveyors of chronic disease.

But that’s not the end of the story.

On January 13, the Washington State Office of the Attorney General announced that the GMA has countersued the state, challenging its campaign finance laws.19 Essentially, the Association is suing for the right to hide corporate campaign funds—a move that threatens the transparency of the state’s elections on every issue! What’s more, the GMA has also filed a civil rights complaint against the Attorney General himself, claiming that he acted unconstitutionally when he enforced the state’s laws! It would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious. This is bullying at its finest. As recently reported by

If you don’t live in Washington state and are wondering why you should care, A. Bryan Enders, associate professor of agricultural law at the University of Illinois, has food for thought. ’This is part of a larger narrative involving increased consumer awareness,’ he says. ‘The GMA countersuit can be viewed as not pro- or anti-consumer but about maintaining control over the messaging of our food system. As various states respond to consumer demand for heightened food labels, this shifts control away from GMA and its members and places it within the hands of diffuse consumer interests.’

The latest countersuit isn’t GMA’s only stick in the fire. According to Reuters, the trade group is working with a coalition including biotech crop developers and unnamed lawmakers to introduce federal GMO labeling legislation—legislation that would have the power to nullify individual state laws, a tactic public health lawyer Michele Simon spoke with us about in September. ‘The devil is in the details,’ Simon said. ‘Industry will agree to federal labeling, but in exchange, they say, ‘we want to preempt or stop any states from going further.’”

Biological Farming Is the Way Out of This Mess

Last year, I interviewed Dr. Elaine Ingham, an internationally recognized expert on the benefits of sustainable soil science. According to Dr. Ingham and other soil experts, a key component of successful agriculture lies in having the right helper organisms in the soil; beneficial species of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, beneficial nematodes (not the weedfeeders), microarthropods, and earthworms—all of which contribute to plant growth in a number of different ways.

Nutrient cycling is another major issue. Dr. Ingham believes the concept that your soil is deficient and needs added phosphorus or nitrogen, etc. in order to grow plants is seriously flawed, and largely orchestrated by the chemical companies, because it’s based on looking at the soluble, inorganic nutrients that are partly present in your soil. The real nutrition plants require is actually derived from microorganisms in the soil. These organisms take the mineral material in the soil and convert it into a plant-available form. Without these bioorganisms, plants cannot get the nutrients they need.

So what you need is not more chemical soil additives, what you need is the proper balance of beneficial soil organisms. You can actually use a starter culture to boost the fermentation and generation of beneficial bacteria much in the same way you can boost the probiotics in your fermented vegetables.

For compost, this strategy is used if you want to compost very rapidly. In that case, you can use a starter to inoculate the specific sets of organisms for your garden’s particular needs. Dr. Ingham has written several books on this topic, including The Field Guide for Actively Aerated Compost Tea, and The Compost Tea Brewing Manual. You can also greatly enhance the benefits of compost or compost tea by adding biochar, as it serves as residence where the bacteria can live and thrive; otherwise they tend to die out relatively rapidly after adding them to the soil.

Eat Well and Help Save Farmers by Supporting Sustainable Agriculture

With everything we now know about the benefits of organically grown foods, and the health and environmental hazards of chemical farming, there’s no doubt that HOW your food is grown is of utmost importance to your health. This is why I encourage you to support small family farms, and to buy organic whenever possible.

Another alternative is to grow some of your own vegetables. Sprouts are an excellent choice if you’re just getting started, or if you want to grow the most nutritious food for the least amount of time and money. Frequenting farmer’s markets and joining a community-supported agriculture program are other options. Below are several resources to obtain wholesome food that supports not only you but also the environment and the farmers who grow your food.

  • Alternative Farming Systems Information Center, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)
  • Farmers’ Markets – A national listing of farmers’ markets.
  • Local Harvest – This Web site will help you find farmers’ markets, family farms, and other sources of sustainably grown food in your area where you can buy produce, grass-fed meats, and many other goodies.
  • Eat Well Guide: Wholesome Food from Healthy Animals – The Eat Well Guide is a free online directory of sustainably raised meat, poultry, dairy, and eggs from farms, stores, restaurants, inns, and hotels, and online outlets in the United States and Canada.
  • Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture (CISA) — CISA is dedicated to sustaining agriculture and promoting the products of small farms.
  • FoodRoutes – The FoodRoutes “Find Good Food” map can help you connect with local farmers to find the freshest, tastiest food possible. On their interactive map, you can find a listing for local farmers, CSAs, and markets near you.
Sources and References
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Half of the World’s Food Is Thrown Away

By Dr. Mercola


That old bunch of carrots or pot of soup that sat for too long in your fridge, then ended up in your trash, doesn’t seem like much. But when multiplied over an entire year and expanded globally, the problem of food waste becomes one of epic proportions.

A report about food waste has Britain’s largest supermarkets on the defense. The report suggests that up to half of the world’s food is thrown away, and many supermarkets play a significant role with poor storage, strict sell-by dates, and bulk offers.

The report entitled “Global Food: Waste Not, Want Not,”1 published in 2013 by the British Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IME), found that more than two billion tonnes of food is wasted annually.

The study claims that up to 30 percent of perfectly good vegetables are not harvested simply because they aren’t pretty. Thirty to 50 percent of the four billion tonnes of food produced around the world each year never reaches a human mouth.

In spite of the fact that there is enough food grown in the world to feed every man, woman, and child, 2.3 million children still die of hunger every year. Cutting waste is vital if the world is to meet its food demand as the population grows.2 Dr. Tim Fox, head of energy and environment at the IME, said:3

“The amount of food wasted and lost around the world is staggering. This is food that could be used to feed the world’s growing population – as well as those in hunger today.

The reasons for this situation range from poor engineering and agricultural practices, inadequate transport and storage infrastructure through to supermarkets demanding cosmetically perfect foodstuffs and encouraging consumers to overbuy through buy-one-get-one-free offers.”

Tristram Stuart of Feeding the 5000, a campaign to empower and inspire positive solutions to global food waste, said:

“In my experience, it’s normal practice for farmers to assume that 20 to 40 percent of their fruit and vegetable crops won’t get to market, even if they are perfectly fit for human consumption.”

Spoiler Alert! Too Much Food Going Down the Drain

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has provided an illustration of the staggering amount of food wasted each year, putting it in terms of calories: 141 trillion calories end up in a waste dump each year in the US, which amounts to 1,249 calories per person, per day.4

If you tally up the total food lost—that which is harvested but never eaten due to spoilage or contamination from mold or pests—the figure for year 2010 is 133 billion pounds of food, or 31 percent of the total food supply.4, 5 And the costs are not just to your pocketbook—many are hidden or at least less obvious. When the resources to produce food are considered, the true cost of this waste amounts to:

25 percent of all fresh water
Four percent of the oil we consume
$165 billion (more than $40 billion from households)
$750 million per year just to dispose of discarded food
33 million tons of landfill waste

Feed People, Not Landfills

In the US, organic waste is the second highest component of landfills. Organic landfill waste has increased by 50 percent per capita since 1974, as illustrated in this infographic.6 Landfill waste is also the largest source of methane emissions, which are 23 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than CO2.7

According to United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), in developing nations, food waste, and losses occur mainly at early stages of the food chain and can be traced back to “financial, managerial, and technical constraints in harvesting techniques, as well as storage and cooling facilities.” Therefore, changes are needed in the very infrastructure of the entire global food system, beginning with how food is farmed, packaged, and distributed.6

In medium- and high-income countries, food is wasted and lost mainly at later stages in the supply chain, so the behavior of consumers plays a much more significant role than in the developing world, where people cannot afford to waste their food. UNEP stresses the importance of raising awareness of the food waste problem among industries, retailers, and consumers, as well as finding new and innovative uses for food that is presently being carelessly discarded.

Cheap food does not motivate consumers to place high value on what they’ve purchased. Americans have a cheaper food supply than most other countries. The average American also wastes 10 times more food than the average consumer in Southeast Asia. Michael Pollan, author of The Omnivore’s Dilemma and a number of other bestsellers, said it best:

“Cheap food is an illusion. There is no such thing as cheap food. The real cost of the food is paid somewhere. And if it isn’t paid at the cash register, it’s charged to the environment or to the public purse in the form of subsidies. And it’s charged to your health.”

One Dozen Ways to Eliminate Your Food Waste

The average consumer wastes 61 percent of the food he or she purchases. You can drastically reduce this with the tools and strategies suggested below. Please also refer to our previous article about proper food storage and how to keep your food items fresher.6

1 Shop Wisely Plan meals, use shopping lists, and avoid impulse buys and “buy one, get one free” deals, unless you’re certain you’ll eat it.
2 Buy Local Locally produced foods are fresher and keep longer, as well as having a smaller ecological footprint.
3 Buy Funny-Looking Fruits and Veggies Buying the “ugly ducklings” of the produce section makes use of food that might otherwise go to waste.
4 Learn When Food Goes Bad Use-by and best-by dates are only manufacturer suggestions and may cause you to discard food when it is still safe and consumable. Many foods are safe and consumable well after their use-by date.
5 Use Your Freezer Freeze fresh produce and leftovers if you won’t have a chance to eat them before they go bad.
6 Vacuum Pack One of my all-time favorite tricks, which works for most produce, is to create a “vacuum pack” to help protect food from oxygen and airborne microbes that will accelerate its decay. Leave the produce in the bag it came in from the grocery store, place it against your chest, and use your arm to squeeze the excess air out of the bag. Then seal it with a twist tie. Or use an automatic vacuum sealer like the FoodSaver.
7 Start Juicing Juicing is an excellent way to use up aging produce while improving your health at the same time. Vegetable juicing also helps with weight management and is a great adjunct to home gardening. You can also compost the pulp.
8 Request Smaller Portions Restaurants will often provide half-portions upon request at reduced prices.
9 Eat Leftovers Only about half of Americans take leftovers home from restaurants and actually eat them. Avoid this kind of waste.
10 Compost Food Scraps Composting food scraps recycles their nutrients and can reduce their ecological impact. It benefits soil, plants, and the greater environment. Composting is not as difficult as you might think. Read all about composting here.
11 Grow Your Own Food Start your own vegetable garden! With the square foot gardening technique, even apartment dwellers can learn a simple technique for growing veggies on a small patio.8
12 Donate Food Donate excess food and garden produce to food banks, soup kitchens, pantries, shelters—and your friends and neighbors.
How to Be Part of the Solution

Food waste has become an enormous problem worldwide, as the latest statistics suggest. You can do a number of things to reduce your own food waste, but the rest of the problem must be dealt with system-wide, with an overhaul of our inefficient, unhealthy and extremely wasteful food system.

Startups such as Food Cowboy, CropMonster, and Feeding the 5000 are finding clever ways to reduce food waste, such as diverting edible food from dumpsters to food banks, and otherwise rerouting extra food to those in need.9, 10 I would encourage you to support organizations such as these, which serve to raise awareness about a monumental problem that will only become worse under the strain of our rapidly expanding world population.

Sources and References
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Battle for humanity nearly lost: global food supply deliberately engineered to end life, not nourish it

by Mike Adams
(NaturalNews) After having now analyzed over 1,000 foods, superfoods, vitamins, junk foods and popular beverages for heavy metals and other substances at the Natural News Forensic Food Labs, I have arrived at a conclusion so alarming and urgent that it can only be stated bluntly.

Based on what I am seeing via atomic spectroscopy analysis of all the dietary substances people are consuming on a daily basis, I must now announce that the battle for humanity is nearly lost. The food supply appears to be intentionally designed to end human life rather than nourish it.

Life-destroying toxins intentionally engineered into the food supply

My lab has uncovered scientific proof that substances are intentionally formulated into dietary products to drive consumers mentally insane while causing widespread infertility, organ damage and a loss of any ability to engage in rational, conscious thinking. These toxic substances are being found across the entire food supply including in conventional foods, organic foods, “natural” products and dietary supplements.

This goes far beyond the mere contamination of foods with heavy metals — a subject which is grave all by itself. Rather, this is about the intentional formulation of toxic substances into products consumed by the masses on a regular basis.

The result is what you see unfolding around you right now: mass insanity, incredible escalations of criminality among political operatives, clinical insanity among an increasing number of mainstream media writers and reporters, widespread infertility in young couples, skyrocketing rates of kidney failure and dialysis patients, plus a near total loss of rational thinking among the voting masses.

The effects of this are devastating to human civilization: the collapse of a capable workforce, the rise of the masses dependent on government for survival, the collapse of free democracies due to the cognitive retardation of the voting masses, an exploding prison population and the rise of for-profit corporate prison systems, and even the near complete collapse of any ability of the news-consuming public to parse and comprehend even the most basic information such as national debt figures.

The long-term effects of this widespread food poisoning phenomenon will be the utter downfall of modern human civilization for numerous reasons ranging from economic non-sustainability to environmental destruction and the global rise of political violence as we are seeing right now in Kiev.

As more and more lab results have been documented here at the Natural News Forensic Food Lab, it has become increasingly apparent to me that humanity cannot survive the mass engineered poisoning of the food supply.

You are, of course, being expertly distracted from all this with Powerball jackpots, tabloid celebrity news, staged political drama and of course the all-time favorite distraction of every crumbling empire: violent sports.

What we’re finding in foods, vitamins and supplements
What I’ve published so far just barely scratches the surface of what we are finding. Here’s an overview of some of the incredibly shocking findings we have now documented:

• The now-infamous “yoga mat chemical” used by Subway in their breads is also widely used across the fast-food industry. McDonald’s, Chik-Fil-A, Wendy’s, Arby’s and many other restaurants also use the chemical azodicarbonamide which is linked to cancer. Importantly, this is not a contaminant. This is an ingredient which is intentionally added to the recipes in order for the chemical to be consumed by the masses.

• There is no logical reason why chemicals like azodicarbonamide need to be added to recipes of fast food breads and buns. The chemical serves no necessary functional or nutritive purpose. It seems to exists solely for the purpose of delivering the chemical to hundreds of millions of consumers by blending it into popular fast foods. The sandwiches in which this chemical is found are merely delivery mechanisms for toxic substances that harm human biology.

• Many mainstream, popular vitamin brands are intentionally spiked with such high levels of copper that if taken on a daily basis, they will cause mental insanity and psychosis. Some of these vitamin brands are routinely advertised on television to the mainstream masses, encouraging them to consume the vitamins, many of which are manufactured by companies owned in full or part by pharmaceutical interests.

• A popular dietary herb designed to improve brain performance actually contains very high levels of lead in most products we tested (which were sourced from China). Lead is a toxic heavy metal that damages brain function. In this way, people who are suffering from early dementia or Alzheimer’s are actually accelerated toward brain destruction via certain herbal supplements which appear designed to deliver toxic heavy metals to the brain. It was truly shocking to me to discover that “brain herbs” contain so much lead that they contribute to brain damage.

• At the same time, we found that the very same “brain herb,” when grown in the USA, contains virtually no heavy metals. This is proof that the herb does not “naturally” absorb heavy metals as if by magic. Interestingly, the highest levels of brain-damaging metals are consistently found in herbs imported from China. I’m openly asking this question: Is there a covert heavy metals war being waged against America by China? After all, poisoning the population with heavy metals is a very effective way to collapse a nation by destroying the sanity and health of its people. (More on this topic later…)

• Popular children’s vitamins sold in nearly every grocery store and pharmacy across America are especially formulated to be incredibly toxic to developing neurology. The number of synthetic, toxic chemicals added to nearly every popular brand of children’s vitamins is truly staggering, and many of them seem to be selected for their ability to target and disrupt neurological function. From a purely scientific point of view, these “vitamins” would honestly have to be called “poison pills,” yet parents are encouraged to feed them to their children every single day as part of a modern-day health ritual that actually causes long-term harm.

• At our atomic spectroscopy lab, we have confirmed trace levels of aluminum in regular atmospheric air, confirming the fact that all agricultural soils are being inundated with aluminum which is literally falling out of the sky. This is not merely aluminum in our laboratory air, as many labs contain aluminum floors or furniture, causing an unusually high aluminum concentration in laboratory air. Rather, parts per billion concentrations of aluminum have been measured in regular atmospheric air sampled far from any building or laboratory. The result of this phenomenon is that aluminum levels are rising in nearly all soil-grown crops from which everyday food is derived. While aluminum is far less harmful than lead, cadmium or mercury, the repeated accumulation of aluminum is believed to be tied to degenerative brain disorders across the population.

• As Natural News readers already know, GM corn is engineered to grow a deadly toxin inside each and every grain of corn. This deadly toxin is then consumed by all the people who unknowingly eat genetically engineered crops via breakfast cereals, corn tortillas, corn snack chips, etc. This mass poisoning of the population is clearly intentional, as it is deliberately engineered into the crops which are grown for the sole purpose of human and animal consumption. This mass poisoning is not accidental, in other words, and in fact the technology is promoted under the justification that it will “feed the world.” Indeed it will feed the world… poison.

Food has become a weapon against humanity

As you can see from these examples, food has become a weapon against humanity. It is the new vector for a stealth world war against humankind — a war which is being quietly waged right this very moment with weapons you would probably find in your own pantry.

World War I was fought primarily in the trenches, with soldiers slinging chunks of lead at each other and using crude chemical weapons like mustard gas.

World War II was fought with a genocidal intention, using more advanced kinetic weapons and chemical weapons engineered by pharmaceutical companies.

Our of World War II and the Nazi era came IG Farben, the chemical-pharma conglomerate which was later split into three companies, one of which is now known as Bayer, the same company that makes children’s aspirin and various chemicals used throughout the food supply. (Check your history. This is factual and true.)

World War III appears to already be underway, and it is being waged as a stealth war via the food supply. The chemicals are very similar to those used in World War I and World War II except that instead of being deployed on the battle field, today’s chemical weapons are deployed via the food supply and often even listen right on ingredients labels.

Toxic ingredients like sodium nitrite and aspartame are formulated to work at sub-acute levels so they don’t cause people to drop dead right away. Instead, they cause the chronic, long-term degenerative collapse of body and mind, leaving behind a wake of global cancer, kidney failure and extreme mental disorders including psychosis. This damage to body and mind, in turn, destroys economies, education systems, scientific advancement, free democracies and even cultural integrity.

The silent food bombing of humanity

What the United States Air Force did to Dresden in World War II via high-elevation bombing runs, the global chemical and food conglomerates are now doing to the world populations via the drive-thru window. But there are no bombs dropping out of the sky and there are no firestorms lighting up the cityscape at night. Instead, the silent, ignorant masses are simply marched to their deaths, one meal at a time, almost like a cargo train full of “useless eaters” clicking and clacking its way to Auschwitz.

On the way to their own deaths, of course, they pay the mandatory tolls to the pharmaceutical giants, hospitals, cancer clinics, doctors and health insurance mandates. Much like victims of Nazi genocide had their gold fillings pulled out of their mouths before they were gassed to death, today’s mainstream consumers are emptied of their bank accounts, assets and insurance policies before finally being discarded by the system.

There are tremendous profits to be made, you see, from first poisoning the masses and then “treating” them for the side effects of that poisoning. This racket is so massive and so deeply embedded into our greed-driven culture that very few people even recognize it’s happening to them. But make no mistake: You are not valued by the system for your humanity, your spirit, your innovation or your imagination. You are only valued for your tax base at first, and then ultimately your “disease management profits” which enrich global corporations while you are poked, prodded, dosed, irradiated and drugged to death while the hospital racks up page after page of medical procedure billings codes which will be covered by Medicare… or Obamacare.

Here’s the way out: grow your own food

Sound too grim to be true? Let’s look at some solutions on the positive side. The way out of all this is to grow your own food or at least buy as much as you can from local farmers and CSAs. Any food acquired through mainstream corporate sources is likely to be intentionally engineered, laced and packaged with incredibly toxic poisons ranging from heavy metals to hormone disrupting packaging containers. But food grown by honest farmers provides genuine nourishment, not death.

In fact, the future of human civilization almost certainly belongs exclusively to those who either grow their own food or make arrangements for others to grow it for them. The factory-made food consumed by the masses is quite truly a poison delivery system that has no purpose other than mass disease, death and profit.

If you wish to avoid being a victim of this system, you must avoid its products. Stop buying packaged processed foods. Utterly avoid all processed meats containing sodium nitrite, including bacon, hot dogs, sausage, ham, deli meats, pepperoni pizza and even beef jerky.

Stop drinking all diet soda, obviously. Aspartame is toxic to biology. All artificial sweeteners have harmful side effects if consumed in sufficient quantity.

Be skeptical of “natural” products which are heavily processed and refined in some way. Ask about countries of origin. Check heavy metals lab results to stay informed.

Except for rare exceptions, stop buying superfoods and supplements made in China, the world’s most polluted food producer. The U.S. natural products industry has practically been taken over by China over the last decade, and much of what you think is safe and organic is actually heavily polluted, either accidentally or deliberately, in mainland China.

Look around you at the evidence right in front of your eyes

Or maybe you think I’m the crazy one in mentioning any of this. If that’s the case, I encourage you to look around you and see the results of what happens to people when they eat yoga mat chemicals, aspartame-laced diet sodas, synthetic food preservatives and cheap vitamins contaminated with heavy metals. Unless you are living in a complete state of denial, you can’t help but notice that humanity has become a race of near-mutants who barely have a shred of health and sanity remaining.

A modern young man growing up today in America and living on processed foods is little more than a shadow of the strong, vibrant young men who worked the farms just three generations ago. Today’s generation of youth is pathetic, weak, academically inept and heavily pampered with their video game consoles, Ritalin drugs and air-conditioned schools with a watered-down curriculum. They’ve been dumbed down, stripped of nutrients and medicated to the point where literal zombies now walk among us.

In fact, the people all around you are over-medicated, over-fed and at the same time wildly malnourished. Their brains and bodies are heavily contaminated with destructive chemicals, heavy metals and synthetic materials. They have lost nearly all high cognitive functions and now survive on lower brain stem function which explains the radical rise in sex crimes, behavioral addictions, substance abuse and violent crime across society today. In a very real sense, the daily consumption of processed food has become a ritual of slow suicide mindlessly repeated everywhere that factory foods have invaded once-sane societies.

While Republicans blame Democrats, and Democrats blame Republicans, the truth is that they are all being systematically poisoned and thereby driven to precisely the kind of insanity we see played out across newspaper headlines and news broadcasts. We are far past the age of reason in the modern western world, and we will not survive this stealth war that releases weapons of dietary mass destruction with each tempting bite of seductive food that’s engineered for death instead of life.

This is far beyond any single issue of labeling GMOs, or buying organic or testing foods for heavy metals. This is about how human civilization is being brought to its knees by the most insidious stealth weapon ever experienced in our collective history: PROCESSED FOOD laced with toxic substances.

Heed these words or you too shall die a victim of this insidious, deliberate war against life, health and sanity.

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Parasites Have Killed More Humans Than All the Wars In History…

By Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby
In their award-winning television documentary program, The Body Snatchers, National Geographic reported, “Parasites have killed more humans than all the wars in history”. [Season 1, episode 17]

Parasites are probably the most diverse of all biological forms and yet, by definition, they remain implacably hostile to humans.

Of the 7.8 billion acres of potential arable land on Earth, only 3.4 billion acres can be farmed; most of the rest cannot be developed because of parasites (malaria, trypanosomiasis, schistosomiasis and onchocerciasis).

That’s more than half the farmable land of our planet unavailable to us, because of these critters, at a time when humans need food resources like never before.

In Africa alone, an area the size of the USA cannot be farmed because of trypanosomes and many millions in South America have never had a healthy day in their lives because of this fiendish parasite.

But are parasites a curse of the undeveloped Third World? Not a bit of it…

Dr. Frank Nova, Chief of the Laboratory for Parasitic Diseases at the National Institute of Health, states, “In terms of numbers, there are more parasitic infections acquired in the US than in Africa.”

Even if countries in the Northern hemisphere were somehow protected in the past, all that is coming to an end. With climate change, parasite vectors are now moving north into tropical zones. A version of Trypanosomiasis (referred to above) is now endemic in the “kissing bugs” of Arizona and California.

Wake up! You need to know more–a LOT more than you do. Go here to get educated.

One of the things I most need to teach Westerners is that parasites are very common at home. It is not just a problem for the “Great Unwashed” in far off lands. We have plenty of our own!

Americans I have found are particular prone to the naive belief that “they” don’t have parasites. Yet some areas of the Unites States are so heavily infested I would joke about warning foreigners from Europe to take special precautions to protect themselves when visiting these states!

If you learn nothing else from me, learn this: we all have parasites in our bodies, permanently or from time to time. Those with stronger immune systems have less problems, that’s all…

Regular readers will know my life long maxim: the commonest cause of death is ignorance.

You can’t afford to go on sharing half your life and resources with critters running around, unhindered, inside you. It’s time to start hindering them!

Learn more about how to get to grips with this health issue, by clicking here and visiting this page.

There is no escaping the problem of parasites today; we are truly a global village. We share the Earth’s dangers, wherever we go–and even if we stay at home!

Thanks for reading,

Prof. Keith Scott-Mumby

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My Personal Power-Packed Supplement Formula for Your Optimal Health


By Dr. Mercola
In a truly spell-binding performance, U.S. swimmer, Michael Phelps, set the all-time Olympic record by winning an unprecedented 8 gold medals at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

However, Michael won 3 of his 8 “golds” as a member of U.S. relay teams.

In fact, if it wasn’t for a record-setting herculean effort by one of his teammates in the 4x100m freestyle relay, Phelps would not be the all-time gold medal record holder at the Olympics.

This is by no means meant to downplay Michael’s amazing athletic accomplishments. What a stunning and unbelievable performance!

I simply want to point out the team effort involved in winning 3 of the 8 gold medals. Without every teammate contributing at their highest levels, Michael and the U.S. team would not have won the relay events.

And so it is a team effort you need to take the best control of your health.

For example, at my Natural Health Center, my 2-Day New Patient Comprehensive Evaluation involves consultations with highly-trained professionals from different specialized disciplines – working as a team to help you build the best health foundation possible.

If you were to skip any of these consultations (for example, with the Nutritionist), you would not be giving your best effort to win your health “relay.”

Digestive System
There would be a missing nutritional element in the overall team effort required to help improve your health.

And speaking of nutrition, you know I’ve been very outspoken about excessive use of supplements in your diet. However, I’ve come to realize there are certain high-quality supplements that can work together as a team to complement a healthy diet and boost your overall health.

Now many people have asked me about the supplements I personally take.

And my colleagues at the Natural Heath Center have also been asked many times to identify the top supplements they would recommend. If they could recommend their top choices to optimize your health, what would they be?

Therefore, I decided to not only make my personal supplement formula available to you, I also want to offer the formula to you in a couple convenient money-saving packages.

Who doesn’t want to save money and add more convenience to their life?

Are you ready to learn how my supplement “team” formula works together to help you take better control of your health?

Okay, let’s get started with…
First of all, remember these are not only my recommendations, but nearly all are supplements I take on a daily basis to help give my health a boost as well.

Core 5 Supplements
And now, I’ve updated my recommendations to include the best-of-the-best with the Essential 3 formulas, plus 2 additional core supplements.

Here are my top supplement best-of-the-best recommendations — the ones I feel can best complement your smart diet and help optimize your health:

Krill Oil
Purple Defense
Multivitamin +Plus Vital Minerals
More on pricing and your amazing savings later on, but for now, you must be curious about why I personally chose these supplements. After all, you know I’m opposed to taking supplements that don’t truly complement your healthy diet.

Well, there’s no better place to start than at the top…

Why Krill is King

When I first learned about this pure marine oil, I was extremely impressed with its many benefits and the solid research behind its unique combination of antioxidants and omega-3 ingredients*.

I’ve believed for quite some time that the best one-two punch to improve your overall health is*:

Increasing your intake of antioxidants
Increasing your intake of omega-3 fatty acids
New and Improved Krill Oil comes jam-packed with antioxidant power – including the antioxidant vitamins A and E, plus astaxanthin and canthaxanthin.

Astaxanthin is a natural carotenoid-type antioxidant even more powerful than beta-carotene, alpha-tocopherol, lycopene, and lutein.

Krill Oil
New and Improved Krill Oil is king of my supplement formula – packed with antioxidant power and omega-3 fatty acids.
New and Improved Krill Oil carries omega-3s in the form of phospholipids – liposomes or little packages that deliver fatty acids directly to your body’s cells.*

Scientific evidence to date has shown that the safest and most effective carriers of EPA and DHA (two essential omega-3 fats) are these phospholipids.*

Unfortunately, inferior fish oil and krill oil brands lack this phospholipid complex. Instead they contain omega-3 fatty acids in the less-beneficial form of free triglycerides.

Here are all the potential ways that krill oil can help you by:

Promoting your healthy heart*
Supporting your concentration, memory, and learning*
Helping you maintain blood sugar levels within the normal range*
Promoting healthy joints, with an increase in your joint comfort*

Helping you neutralize the normal signs of aging*
Supporting your nervous system function and development*
Protecting your cell membranes*
Helping you maintain normal cholesterol levels*
Promoting your healthy liver function*
Providing you relief of normal PMS symptoms*
Bolstering your immune system*
Providing healthy mood support*
Boosting your skin health*
I truly believe today’s diets lack adequate antioxidant nutrients. And many traditional food sources for omega-3s (certain fish and salmon) are not necessarily free of contamination by mercury, PCBs, and other toxins.

So, that’s why New and Improved Krill Oil is king on my supplement list and why I take it on a daily basis.

Of course, if you’re a female, you’ll probably benefit more from Krill for Women with Evening Primrose Oil – because it was formulated especially for your optimal female health.*

Exclusively for Women

The evening primrose lends some of its beauty to women in the form of oil from its seeds… rich in an essential fatty acid profile of 65% linoleic acid and 8-10% gamma-linolenic acid (GLA).

Krill Oil with Evening Primrose Oil for Women
GLA supports the normal function and growth of cells, nerves, muscles and organs

throughout your body – including skin and hair growth, bone health, metabolic control, and reproductive health – making it particularly valuable for women.*

Of the few available sources of GLAs, evening primrose oil (EPO) seems to deliver the best results, and is thought to support your female health and vitality in many ways*:

May relieve normal symptoms of PMS*
May reduce breast tenderness*
Provides support for your healthy mood*
Supports healthy skin and hair*
Encourages optimal metabolic levels*
Supports healthy blood pressure levels*
Enhances calcium absorption, leading to strong bones*
That’s why I recommend Krill for Women with EPO as an excellent way for women to get the antioxidant power of Krill, along with GLA and useful, quality omega-6s.*

Next up on my top supplement formula list is…

Ubiquitous Ubiquinol… Everywhere in Your Life

A supplement I only began taking recently is now near the top of my list.
See, I believe one of the key elements in the aging process is free radical production. These free radicals are oxygen atoms deficient in electrons that become highly reactive. The reactions in turn cause potential damage to your tissues and DNA.

Ubiquinol Enhanced Bioactivity CoQ10
Mercola Premium Select Ubiquinol is high on my list of supplements I take as part of my daily regimen.
If there was something you could do to limit free radical production, then you could potentially affect the aging process.*

One nutrient that can help you do just that is Co Q10.*

The problem is your body requires the reduced form of Co Q10 (ubiquinol) to help you limit free radical production. And as you age, your body becomes more and more challenged to convert the oxidized Co Q10 to ubiquinol.

Another very important reason for using a Co Q10 supplement is to help boost your body’s cellular energy production.*

Co Q10 helps facilitate the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy “currency” for all your cells.* But if you’re over 25, you need the reduced form of Co Q10, ubiquinol, to efficiently do this.

So even if you do your best to eat wholesome unprocessed foods, your body’s capability to produce Co Q10 and convert it to ubiquinol declines over time.*

The good news is with the Mercola Premium Select Ubiquinol supplement, you now can have the ubiquinol formula direct… the active form of the Co Q10 nutrient that I take on a daily basis*.

Your added benefits from the ubiquinol formula can be significant, as you:

Potentially absorb more Co Q10 — as shown in studies by enhanced blood plasma levels*
Become less dependent on your body to convert Co Q10 to ubiquinol… In the plasma of healthy humans, more than 90% of Co Q10 exists in the reduced form (ubiquinol)*
Absorb Co Q10 that’s already in the active state your body needs*
Receive the reduced (unoxidized) form of Co Q10 for added cellular energy*
Get a strong first stage defense against oxygen free radicals to help you reduce the typical signs of aging — and optimize your health*
So, no doubt you understand now why ubiquinol is right up at the top of my personal daily supplement formula.

Now let me show you…

How a Healthy Gut Can Help YOU Enhance Your Overall Health*

I’ve often heard people say that “death begins in the colon.” I disagree. On the contrary, it’s my firm belief life is promoted and enhanced in the colon* — if you know what you’re doing.

Complete Probiotics
Complete Probiotics helps guard the health of your entire digestive tract.* That’s one of many reasons it’s part of my personal supplement formula.
Maintaining great intestinal health is akin to maintaining your great overall health.*
And that’s why my #3 supplement is a formula that helps you promote your intestinal health – Complete Probiotics.

One of the key formulation factors in a probiotic supplement is it must contain effective bacterial strains.* Now, as you can imagine, this is a rather complex issue.

But of all the strains produced over the years, there is one I believe exceeds all others… and to me, if the probiotic formula does not contain this strain, well quite frankly, you’re not getting the best bang for your buck.*

I no longer consider taking a probiotic as part of my daily regimen without this strain!

Lactobacillus acidophilus DDSÒ-1 is the name of this highly effective strain of beneficial bacteria*… and the ‘DDS-1’ is really important. There are other strains of Lactobacillus acidophilus out there, but without the DDS-1 specificity, your potential health benefits could some up short.*

Research and studies suggest DDS-1 can be effective toward enhancing human health because it…

Adapts well to the human body because of its human origin
Is acid and bile resistant for intestinal survival
Helps promote your digestive health*
Aids in supporting your immune system*
Contributes to the good balance of your intestinal flora*
Produces significant quantities of lactase to potentially aid in lactose intolerance challenges*
I’m convinced Lactobacillus acidophilus DDS-1 is one of the important and necessary strains in an effective probiotic supplement.* Without it, I believe you’re not maximizing the potential of this type of supplement.

Complete Probiotics not only contains DDS-1, it also contains a guaranteed 70 billion ‘good’ bacteria (CFU) per capsule. Up to 90 billion CFU may be packed into each capsule to compensate for storage temperature variances.

And that’s why I’ve included Complete Probiotics as part of my daily regimen… and always make sure I take it along when I travel.

Resveratrol – A Potent Polyphenol Antioxidant*

Many folks believe that a good way to promote your health is to drink a glass of red wine on a regular basis.

Certainly there’s the “French Paradox” theory… the observation that French people with poor diets who drink wine have better cardiovascular health than you might expect.

This opinion happens to be based on a potent polyphenol found in red wine and grape skins called resveratrol.

This powerful antioxidant potentially:

Helps improve the overall health of your cells as a component of your cardio and neuro protection*
Aids you in protection against age-related health disorders*
Provides therapeutic support for your immune system against abnormal cell activity*
Researchers also believe that resveratrol helps keep your cholesterol within its normal range while promoting your healthy heart.*

Purple Defense
Plus, resveratrol benefits you by how it…

Protects your cells from free radical damage*
Helps you keep your blood pressure within the normal range*
Keeps your heart healthy and helps improve blood vessel elasticity*
Boosts your protection against the spread of abnormal cell activity*
Helps you better control the aging process*
You, of course, know that wine contains alcohol. And too much alcohol isn’t a healthy choice for anyone. It may outweigh the benefits of the resveratrol content.

But, with all this said, resveratrol is such a powerful antioxidant there must be a way you can benefit from it without taking undo risks.

To me, one of your best sources of resveratrol is from grapes themselves.

The skin and seeds of the grapes provide you with the most potent supplies of resveratrol… not the fruit itself. The meat of the fruit contains sugary fructose which could raise your insulin levels.

Eating the skins is not a problem. But most people don’t like to eat the seeds as they tend to be tough and have a somewhat bitter taste.

And some grape processing actually removes the seeds prior to distribution at your local store… so, you could lose out on the resveratrol potency.

So, now what can you do?

Well, if you cannot find a good source of grapes with the seeds still intact, or even if you do locate a source but you don’t want to eat the seeds, I have another convenient alternative for you.

It’s called Purple Defense… and it’s part of my daily formula.

How This Multivitamin Stands Out from the ‘Crowd’

A number of carefully controlled studies provide startling evidence that by the time processed food reaches your table, serious nutrient content could already be lost.

Some estimates report the nutrient value lost at over 50%!

Realizing you may not always obtain the unprocessed preferably organic foods you need — and knowing how easy it is for valuable nutrients to be destroyed — you can understand why I believe adding a good multivitamin to complement your diet is a sound move.

With my unique Multi +Plus formula, you’ll benefit from many specially selected minerals… including these 3 essential ones:

Multivitamin +Plus Vital Minerals
Calcium — A recent study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that people should consume 741 mg per day of calcium to maintain neutral calcium balance to promote healthy bones.*
Magnesium — Scientific studies have reported that magnesium is helpful in supporting your lungs and overall pulmonary system.* But some lower-potency multivitamins don’t include this ingredient.
Potassium — Research has shown that potassium is another important element in your bone density health.* As you age, bone density becomes an important element in your overall health.*
These minerals may be worth their weight in gold. They’re part of the added bonus that clearly makes Multivitamin +Plus Vital Minerals stand apart from the rest.

It provides you a highly concentrated daily supplement containing more than 50 nutritional ingredients… all in a special herbal food base.

To help balance the effects of free radicals, Multivitamin +Plus Vital Minerals provides you with high-potency amounts of an exclusive antioxidant formula that includes:*

Natural beta-carotene — healthy vision and immune system support*
Vitamin C — promotes tissue growth and repair, and healthy gums*
Vitamin D3 — supports heart, bone, vascular and immune system health*
Vitamin E — helps support your muscular system*
Selenium — bolsters your healthy immune system*
L-cysteine — supports your immune and respiratory systems*
Lutein — helps promote your healthy vision*
Lycopene — supports your immune system*
Red wine proanthocyanidins — provides cardiovascular support*
And select extracts and powders from over 25 fruits, vegetables, and herbs
In addition to these outstanding nutrients, the Multivitamin +Plus Vital Minerals formula also includes a health-promoting blend of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and green foods…from natural sources.

An additional 700 mg of a proprietary vegetable and fruit base further promotes your optimal health, including:

Kale — provides healthy prostate support*
Spinach — helps support your cardiovascular and immune systems*
Carrot — assists optimal vision and cholesterol level*
Radish — supports your digestive, respiratory, and nervous systems*
Celery — provides you with skeletal and nervous system support*
Apricot — promotes your respiratory and immune systems*
Blackberry — helps support your digestive and immune systems*
Cranberry — supports your urinary tract and cardiovascular system*
Grape — promotes healthy circulation and cholesterol level*
Pineapple — provides healthy respiratory and digestive support*
So, you can see why I’ve chosen to include Multivitamin +Plus Vital Minerals to round out the core supplements I recommend you take every day… it’s certainly part of my daily supplement routine.

How the Core Top 5 Team Together to Complement Your Diet

Top Supplements
At this point, you’ve discovered why New and Improved Krill Oil, Mercola Premium Select Ubiquinol, Complete Probiotics, Purple Defense, and Multivitamin +Plus Vital Minerals are the top 5 core supplements in my healthy formula.

Remember, these are the same 5 supplements I take every day.

If you choose these 5 , you’ll be making a smart decision in taking better control of your health. Taking krill oil, ubiquinol, probiotics, purple defense, and a high-quality multivitamin on a daily basis can help enhance your quality of life.*

Here’s a quick summary on how I see these 5 supplements working together to help provide you a healthy formula toward enhancing your life:

New and Improved Krill Oil

Promotes your healthy heart*
Helps you maintain blood sugar levels within the normal range*
Supports your normal cholesterol levels*
Krill for Women
Krill for Women

Helps alleviate your normal PMS symptoms and promotes reproductive health*
Provides support for your healthy mood*
Supports your healthy heart*
Mercola Premium Select Ubiquinol

Helps you reduce the signs of normal aging*
Gives your cellular energy a boost*
Aids you in maintaining blood pressure within the normal range*
Complete Probiotics
Complete Probiotics

Helps stimulate your immune system responses*
Guards the health of your digestive tract*
Helps you maintain the right balance of good and other bacteria for a healthy gut*
Purple Defense
Purple Defense

Protects your cells from free radical damage*
Helps improve your blood vessel elasticity*
Aids you in better controlling the aging process*
Multivitamin +Plus Vital Minerals
Multivitamin +Plus Vital Minerals

Provides essential minerals calcium, magnesium, and potassium for healthy bone density*
Includes remarkable natural formula of vegetable and fruit base to boost your health*
Delivers exclusive formula of high-potency antioxdants to enhance your overall health*
I’m sure you see why I believe this is an amazing formula and why I take it every day to complement my diet.

Now you’ve learned why I chose all of these great supplements as part of my recommended daily wellness regimen. And here’s the wrap-up on…

How My Daily Supplement Formula Can Help
Boost Your Health and Enhance Your Life*

I strongly feel you should consider using this formula yourself as part of your daily wellness routine. I know I wouldn’t be without my supplements.

You can rest assured these are some the best supplements I could find – produced by companies with high-quality standards. You probably already know about my rigorous quality gauntlet that manufacturers must hurdle before I’ll ever recommend their products – much less take them myself.

So, now let’s look at the two packages I’ve put together for your convenience and optimal health.

Dr. Mercola’s Supplements 30-Day supply
New and Improved Krill Oil $24.95
Mercola Premium Select Ubiquinol $21.97
Complete Probiotics $29.97
Purple Defense $16.97
Multivitamin +Plus $47.97
Total individual prices: $141.83
Core 5 package price: $117.00
You save: $24.83 (18%)
So, with the Core 5 Kit you save $24.83 on a 30-day supply of the top 5 supplements I take.

I’ve not seen package pricing on top-notch supplements that compares with this.

Plus, you’ll be able to take advantage of the health benefits these amazing formulas have to offer… advantages that help you take better control of your health*… just like I do!

So, order one of the convenient packages today and begin taking the same daily supplement formula I take. Oh, and there’s no reason to wait, everything is 100% guaranteed!

Label Snapshot for Pure Krill Oil

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 2 Licaps™ capsules
Servings Per Container: 30
% Daily ValueAmt. Per Serving
Calories from Fat
Total Fat
1 g 1.5%*
Pure Krill Oil
1000 mg **
400 mg **
Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPA)
100 mg **
Docosahexaenoic (DHA)
55 mg **
Omega-6 fatty acids
approx. 20 mg **
1 mg **
* Percent Daily Values based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
** Daily Value not established.
Other Ingredients: Fish gelatin capsule. Contains shellfish (krill).
Suggested Use: 2 Licaps™ capsules daily with the first meal.
View Complete Product Label

Special Offer!

Incredible Deal!

Core 5
1 Month Supply Core 5 For Women
1 Month Supply
Free ShippingCore 5 Supplements Free ShippingCore 5 Supplements For Women

New and Improved Krill Oil (60 capsules)
Ubiquinol (30 Capliques®)
Complete Probiotics (60 Capsules)
Purple Defense (30 Capsules)
Multivitamin +Plus (240 Tablets)
MSRP: $141.83
Your Price: $117.00
Savings: $24.83 (18%)
Order Now

Krill Oil For Women (90 Capsules)
Ubiquinol (30 Capliques®)
Complete Probiotics (60 Capsules)
Purple Defense (30 Capsules)
Multivitamin +Plus (240 Tablets)
MSRP: $146.83
Your Price: $119.00
Savings: $27.83 (19%)
Order Now

*Free Shipping to US and Canada Only
Great Deal!

Essential 3 Supplements
3-Month Supply
Essential 3 Three Pack
(3) New and Improved Krill Oil (60 Capsules Per Bottle)
(3) Ubiquinol (30 Capliques® Per Bottle)
(3) Complete Probiotics (60 Capsules Per Bottle)
MSRP: $230.67
Your Price: $176.00
Savings: $54.67 (24%)
Order Now

Essential 3 Supplements For Women
3-Month Supply
Essential 3 For Women Three Pack
(3) Krill Oil For Women (90 Capsules Per Bottle)
(3) Ubiquinol (30 Capliques® Per Bottle)
(3) Complete Probiotics (60 Capsules Per Bottle)
MSRP: $245.67
Your Price: $186.00
Savings: $59.67 (24%)
Order Now

Essential 3 Supplements
1 Month Supply
Essential 3
New and Improved Krill Oil (60 Capsules)
Ubiquinol (30 Capliques®)
Complete Probiotics (60 Capsules)
MSRP: $76.89
Your Price: $72.97
Savings: $3.92 (5%)
Order Now

Essential 3 Supplements For Women
1 Month Supply
Essential 3 For Women
Krill Oil For Women (90 Capsules)
Ubiquinol (30 Capliques®)
Complete Probiotics (60 Capsules)
MSRP: $81.89
Your Price: $77.97
Savings: $3.92 (5%)
Order Now

I am so confident that you will be more than satisfied with your purchase of Core 5 and Essential 3 Supplements , I am providing a Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee!

The Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee allows you to receive a full refund* (less shipping charges) when you return an item within 60 days as long as the product is in its original packaging and has at least half of the product remaining. Products returned after 60 days that have at least half of the product remaining will receive store credit (less shipping charges).

Click Here for Full Return Policy Details

Toll Free: 877-985-2695 | Int’l Customers : 847-252-4355
MON – FRI (7am – 8pm CST) | SAT – SUN (8am – 5pm CST)

View Product Labels
Click to view
Krill Oil
Krill Oil for Women
Complete Probiotics 60 Capsules
Purple Defense
Multivitamins Plus

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Glyphosate May Be Worse Than DDT, Which Has Now Been Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease, Decades After Exposure


Study Links Alzheimer’s Disease With Pesticide DDT by NewsyVideos


By Dr. Mercola Alzheimer’s disease, a severe form of dementia, now affects an estimated 5.4 million Americans,1 and is the sixth leading cause of death in the US. According to one shocking projection, Alzheimer’s is predicted to affect 25 percent of American adults in the next 20 years, rivaling the current prevalence of obesity and diabetes. Such predictions are particularly distressing in light of the fact that Alzheimer’s is a disease predicated on lifestyle, especially your diet. Hidden factors such as toxic exposures can also play a distinct role. According to the featured article in the Los Angeles Times,2 researchers have linked DDT exposure to the development of Alzheimer’s disease later on in life. The study, published in the journal JAMA Neurology,3 found that patients diagnosed with Alzheimer’s had dramatically higher levels of the DDT metabolite DDE in their blood—four times higher, in fact—compared to people of similar age who do not have the disease. Lead author Jason Richardson told the LA Times: “DDE can last in the body for a number of years. When you are looking at DDE levels, it is basically a snapshot of a person’s lifetime exposure to DDT as well as DDE in the environment… Over 80 percent of us have measurable levels of DDE in our blood; that is a reality. We get it from legacy contamination or food that comes from countries using DDT.” The Long-Term Ramifications of Agricultural Chemicals on Human Health The use of DDT (dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane) began during the second half of World War II, when it was liberally sprayed to control diseases such as malaria and typhus. Once the war was over, it began being used as an agricultural pesticide. Monsanto was one of more than a dozen companies that manufactured the chemical. In 1962, American biologist wrote the groundbreaking book Silent Spring, in which she warned of the devastating environmental impacts of DDT, suggesting the chemical may also have harmful effects on human health. She rightfully questioned the logic and sanity of using such vast amounts of a chemical without knowing much about its ecological and human health impact. The public outcry that resulted from her book eventually led to DDT being banned for agricultural use in the US in 1972. Fast-forward just over 40 years, and we’re now seeing the effects of that DDT exposure. Interestingly, several studies4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 have linked increased DDT and/or DDE levels to diabetes as well. The suggestion that DDT exposure may contribute to diabetes and/or such a devastating disease as Alzheimer’s—decades after exposure—should be a worldwide wake-up call for what the ramifications of glyphosate might be. Glyphosate (Roundup) was approved in 1974 in the US,10 and has been widely and aggressively used since then. (It didn’t gain EU-wide approval until 2002.) As with DDT, we’re now seeing research linking glyphosate exposure to dramatic jumps in disease rates, such as autism for example, as well as food allergies and digestive problems. The difference is that the effects are showing far sooner, and appear more evidently linked than in the case of DDT. Personally, I believe we’re in for a world of hurt in coming decades, as the full effects of glyphosate toxicity become evident. In my view, there’s simply no time to waste when it comes to ending the reckless use of glyphosate. Glyphosate—A Thoroughly Underestimated Poison That May Be WORSE Than DDT According to Dr. Don Huber, an expert in an area of science that relates to the toxicity of genetically engineered (GE) foods, glyphosate—the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide—is actually FAR worse than DDT! It’s worth noting that genetically engineered (GE) crops are far more contaminated with glyphosate than conventional crops, courtesy of the fact that they’re engineered to withstand extremely high levels of Roundup without perishing along with the weed. Glyphosate contamination is a major part of the overall hazards of GE foods, as the chemical cannot be washed off—it is incorporated into every cell of the plant. Strange as it may sound, when asked which toxin he would prefer to use if he had to make a choice between two evils, Dr. Huber says he’d actually take DDT over glyphosate! “A lot of these materials can have a very beneficial use. I’m certainly not anti-chemical. But we have to use some common sense. What we have with glyphosate is the most abused chemical we have ever had in the history of man,” he said in a previous interview. “…When future historians write about our time, they’re not going to write about the tons of chemicals that we did or didn’t apply. When it comes to glyphosate, they’re going to write about our willingness to sacrifice our children and jeopardize our existence, while threatening and jeopardizing the very basis of our existence; the sustainability of our agriculture… It doesn’t mean that it’s not reversible… But it means that we need to recognize what the concerns are, what’s happening, and then we need to change.” The Many Health Hazards of Glyphosate As stated by Dr. Huber, we jumped in without the basic understanding of what products like DDT and glyphosate do—beyond their obvious benefits of killing pests—and this was done to support the bottom line of a few large companies, such as Monsanto. The public’s appreciation of the toxicity of glyphosate is still rather limited, and the fact that Monsanto marketed Roundup as “environmentally friendly” and “biodegradable” has undoubtedly had quite a bit to do with this general lack of insight. (In 2009, a French court upheld two earlier convictions against Monsanto for false advertising of Roundup.) Glyphosate is actually, in many ways, similar to DDT, which is also known to cause reproductive problems and birth defects11 among other things. Like DDT, glyphosate has also been identified as a likely causative factor in fertility problems and birth defects. Furthermore, research shows that glyphosate: Decimates beneficial microorganisms in the soil essential for proper plant function and high-quality nutrition Causes extreme disruption of your gut microbes’ function and lifecycle; preferentially affecting beneficial bacteria, while promoting the growth of pathogens in your intestines Chelates critical microminerals, preventing them from being utilized by the plant (leading to nutrient-deficient food) Inhibits enzymes that catalyze the oxidation of organic substances, which appears to be an overlooked component of glyphosate’s toxicity to mammals. By limiting the ability of these enzymes to detoxify foreign chemical compounds, glyphosate enhances the damaging effects of those chemicals and environmental toxins you may be exposed to Promotes the proliferation of disease-causing pathogens in soil Is toxic to water fleas at extraordinarily low levels, well within the levels expected to be found in the environment. These findings throw serious doubt on glyphosate’s safety Predisposes cattle to lethal botulism Is toxic to human DNA even when diluted to concentrations 450-fold lower than used in agricultural applications The Rise in Autism Perfectly Matches Use of Glyphosate Former US Navy staff scientist Dr. Nancy Swanson, Ph.D. has meticulously collected statistics on glyphosate usage and various diseases and conditions, including autism, the results of which are shown in the graphic below. It’s hard to imagine a more perfect match-up between the rise in glyphosate usage and incidence of autism. You can access her published articles and reports on Sustainable Pulse,12 a European website dedicated to exposing the hazards of genetically engineered foods. According to Dr. Swanson: “Prevalence and incidence data show correlations between diseases of the organs and the increase in Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) in the food supply, along with the increase in glyphosate-based herbicide applications. More and more studies have revealed carcinogenic and endocrine disrupting effects of Roundup at lower doses than those authorized for residues found in Genetically Modified Organisms.” “The endocrine disrupting properties of glyphosate can lead to reproductive problems: infertility, miscarriage, birth defects, and sexual development. Fetuses, infants and children are especially susceptible because they are continually experiencing growth and hormonal changes. For optimal growth and development, it is crucial that their hormonal system is functioning properly. The endocrine disrupting properties also lead to neurological disorders (learning disabilities (LD), attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD), autism, dementia, Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder). Those most susceptible are children and the elderly.” 15-Minute At-Home Alzheimer’s Test Goes Viral There’s no doubt that Alzheimer’s disease is fast becoming a concern on many people’s minds. A 15-minute at-home test to assess your risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia, published in the Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences,13 immediately went viral on the web. As reported by Forbes:14 “Titled the Self-Administered Gerocognitive Examination test, or SAGE, and developed by Douglas Scharre, M.D., of the Division of Cognitive Neurology at Ohio State University’s Wexner Medical Center, it’s a surprisingly simple 12-question pen-and-paper questionnaire. While participants in the study took a supervised test, it can be taken at home. Scharre and colleagues validated the test by giving it to 1,047 people over 50 in community settings. Results showed 28 percent had signs of cognitive decline they were unaware of… The test can be used both as a routine screening tool and by those already diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or cognitive decline to monitor their condition.” If you want to try it out for yourself, you can download the SAGE test from the Ohio State University’s website.15 Test questions include: Naming certain items shown in picture form Explaining how two items are alike Simple financial or math questions Memorization assignments Copying simple geometric drawings Matching numbers to letters According to Dr. Scharre, this simple test correlates very well to more comprehensive cognitive tests, and is an excellent way to get an early assessment of your cognitive function. If taken at intervals over time, it can also serve as an early warning, if your scores begin to decline. Prevention Is FAR Easier and More Effective Than Treatment After Onset It’s important to realize that Alzheimer’s is a disease driven by poor lifestyle choices and the toxic buildup that so often go along with such choices. I firmly believe that your diet is the most important factor of all. Not only from a nutritional standpoint, but also from the standpoint of chemical exposure. This warning applies not just for the prevention of Alzheimer’s—I believe we are headed toward a widespread health calamity of absolutely enormous proportions, courtesy of the overuse of glyphosate, which researchers now believe may be a primary driver of virtually all chronic disease! In terms of recommended dietary changes, avoiding processed foods is a foundational underpinning of good health, made even more important now that most processed foods contain genetically engineered ingredients (primarily corn, soy, sugar beet, and all the derivatives thereof). Replacing non-vegetable carbohydrates with higher amounts of healthful fats and moderate amounts of high-quality protein is also at the very top of my list for chronic disease prevention. I recently discussed a wide array of prevention strategies for Alzheimer’s in my article “Vitamin E May Offer Benefits for Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease,” so for more details about how you can protect yourself against this deadly disease, please refer to that article. It’s really astounding to consider the health tragedies we may be facing in the coming decades, all in the name of efficiency and scientific progress. My strong recommendation is to do everything in your power to avoid such a fate, and to protect your children from it to the best of your ability. While difficult, it’s not impossible. But you do need to make food a priority in your life, and take proactive measures to promote the growing of organic foods. Besides buying organic, you can also go a step further and grow your own food. I also encourage you to take a firm stance for the labeling of genetically engineered foods, which tend to carry the highest health risks, whether known or presently unknown. Vote with Your Pocketbook, Every Day Remember, the food companies on the left of this graphic spent tens of millions of dollars in the last two labeling campaigns—in California and Washington State—to prevent you from knowing what’s in your food. You can even the score by switching to the brands on the right; all of whom stood behind the I-522 Right to Know campaign. Voting with your pocketbook, at every meal, matters. It makes a huge difference.

As always, I encourage you to continue educating yourself about genetically engineered foods, and to share what you’ve learned with family and friends. Remember, unless a food is certified organic, you can assume it contains GMO ingredients if it contains sugar from sugar beet, soy, or corn, or any of their derivatives.

If you buy processed food, opt for products bearing the USDA 100% Organic label, as organics do not permit GMOs. You can also print out and use the Non-GMO Shopping Guide, created by the Institute for Responsible Technology. Share it with your friends and family, and post it to your social networks. Alternatively, download their free iPhone application, available in the iTunes store. You can find it by searching for ShopNoGMO in the applications. For more in-depth information, I highly recommend reading the following two books, authored by Jeffrey Smith, the executive director of the Institute for Responsible Technology: Seeds of Deception: Exposing Industry and Government Lies about the Safety of the Genetically Engineered Foods You’re Eating Genetic Roulette: The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods. For timely updates, join the Non-GMO Project on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter. Please, do your homework. Together, we have the power to stop the chemical technology industry from destroying our food supply, the future of our children, and the earth as a whole. All we need is about five percent of American shoppers to simply stop buying genetically engineered foods, and the food industry would have to reconsider their source of ingredients—regardless of whether the products bear an actual GMO label or not.

Sources and References
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Gardasil and the Public Flogging of Katie Couric


By Barbara Loe Fisher

The public flogging of veteran broadcast journalist Katie Couric began on December 4, 2013, immediately after a 17-minute report on HPV and Gardasil vaccine was broadcast on her TV talk show “Katie.”1 It was kick-started by a west coast business writer, who administered the first lash with a bizarre take-down of freedom of the press:

“The real punch of the show was its portrayal of HPV vaccination as “controversial,” he charged. “Merely to ask questions is to validate them.”

He ended with a sucker punch:

“Katie Couric established her credibility as a spokeswoman for preventive medicine more than a decade ago… now she’ll be known for promoting junk medicine instead.”2

‘Is Katie Couric the Next Jenny McCarthy?’

Then, like piranhas in a fish tank full of fresh chum, an online clique of mean girls and bully boys let Katie have it right between the eyes.

“Is Katie Couric the next Jenny McCarthy?” sneered a headline for an article in which a cub reporter sharpened her claws on Couric’s credibility by hissing “The damage a former Playboy Bunny has been able to do is bad enough. But Couric’s misdeeds are all the worse given that she’s taken much more seriously than Jenny McCarthy.”3

Continuing with that lame theme, an entertainment writer stuck it to Katie when she suggested that:

“To some, Couric’s behavior is even more problematic than McCarthy’s, given her stature as a respected journalist and former network news anchor, as well as her previous efforts to educate the public about the fight against cancer.”4

One headline screamed “Katie Couric Hands Over Her Show to Anti-Vaccine Alarmists”5 and another one gasped “Why Is Katie Couric Promoting Vaccine Skeptics?” followed by an article written by a photojournalist sniping that “Couric needs to review her priorities.”6

Katie Couric: Presenting HPV Information and Perspective

Katie’s unforgiveable transgression? On her afternoon talk show, she gave two mothers, who had witnessed their daughters’ health suddenly deteriorate after Gardasil shots, an opportunity to speak about what happened.7, 8

She gave an international HPV infection expert,9 who participated in Gardasil vaccine clinical trial research, an opportunity to comment about the effectiveness of Gardasil vaccine and the need for all girls – whether they get vaccinated or not – to get regular pap screening.10

She gave a pediatrician an opportunity to encourage parents to vaccinate their 11-year-old boys and girls because “HPV vaccine does not seem to be any risker than any of the other vaccines we routinely use;”11, 12 and Katie gave a mother and her daughter an opportunity to enthusiastically endorse the vaccine.13

Katie Couric presented information and a range of perspectives about a current topic being discussed by millions of parents and young women in homes and doctors’ offices across the country. She did it because she is an intellectually honest journalist, a compassionate mother, and a cancer prevention pioneer.

Fourteen years ago, Katie Couric almost singlehandedly put a human face on the importance of colonoscopy screening, especially for those at high risk when she publicly witnessed about the tragedy of losing her husband and the father of her children to colon cancer.14 After a long and successful career in broadcast journalism, in 2006 she became the first woman to anchor the evening news on a major US TV network.15

An Orchestrated Campaign of Intimidation

The shaming of Katie Couric for caring and daring to ask questions about Gardasil vaccine was a well-orchestrated campaign of intimidation. It was a warning delivered to all journalists that – no matter who you are – your character will be assassinated if you step out of line and question the safety or effectiveness of a government recommended vaccine.

The cyber lynch mob16-22 presenting opinion as unassailable fact delighted in quoting each other and did not reserve their vitriol for Katie. Two mothers on the show were ridiculed for describing their daughters’ Gardasil vaccine reaction symptoms, which are similar to those reported by many, many others in the US and around the world.23-43

The credentialed Gardasil vaccine researcher44 on the show was attacked for stating that regular pap tests are the most reliable way of detecting and preventing cervical cancer regardless of vaccination, a position held by cancer prevention experts.45-47

Katie Couric Encourages Informed Vaccine Decision Making

Two days after the public flogging began, Katie interviewed the Assistant Surgeon General48 before authoring an article for The Huffington Post responding to the firestorm with unapologetic professionalism.49 She acknowledged her report could have spent more time putting the statistical risk of suffering a vaccine reaction into greater perspective but she defended the inclusion of mothers reporting Gardasil reactions:

“Some people say their children have suffered from a variety of medical problems after the HPV vaccination, and there have even been a few reports of death,” she said. “As a journalist, I felt that we couldn’t simply ignore these reports.”

Katie reinforced a call for regular pap screening:

“There’s been troubling research out of Australia that indicates some women are skipping their Pap tests because they have been vaccinated. That’s a terrible idea.

While the vaccine protects against some of the HPV strains that cause cervical cancers, it doesn’t protect against all of them and regular Pap smears are essential for life-saving diagnoses,” she said.

Katie concluded her statement by encouraging critical thinking and informed vaccine decision-making:

“I had my own two daughters vaccinated against HPV. I hope that other parents will look at the research and the facts, and make a reasoned decision on the HPV vaccine and what is best for their children,” she said.

“Not Enough,” He Says

However, Katie’s clarification prompted one bully to bring out the whip one more time. Under a headline complaining that “Katie Couric Backs Off from Her Anti-Vaccine Show But Not Enough,” he snarled:

“The video depictions of mothers and daughters in tears will stay with thousands of Couric’s loyal viewers. Her written mea culpa, not so much.”50

Perhaps he wanted her to walk across cut glass on her knees and whimper a little on camera so he could be convinced that she would be a good girl from now on and never, ever step out of line again.

Mothers Will Not Stop Witnessing

One thing is as clear today as it was 32 years ago when mothers publicly witnessed how they watched their children suffer brain inflammation or die after being injected with the old, crude, and toxic DPT vaccine.51-64 Clearly, when mothers stand up in the public square today and describe how Gardasil vaccine risks for their daughters turned out to be 100 percent, deniers of vaccine risks get really, really emotional. They get angry and defensive. They gather together in a pack, take out the rope, and start cyber-lynching.

Mothers around the world, who give birth to babies they are responsible for nurturing through infancy and childhood, are not going to stop talking about what happened to their children after vaccination. Mothers are not going to shut up and sit down like good little girls after they witness the bodies and brains of the children they love be destroyed when Gardasil shots go wrong.

Mothers Will Not Stop Thinking Critically

They are not going to stop reading the medical literature and thinking critically about the science65-71 used to justify giving every child the most expensive federally recommended pediatric vaccine on the US market72 to prevent an infection that is cleared by more than 90 percent of people without a problem:73,74

A vaccine developed by NIH researchers75 using GMO technology that was sold by NIH to Merck76 and fast-tracked to licensure using questionable surrogate markers for efficacy77, 78
A vaccine for a sexually transmitted disease that was tested in fewer than 1,200 children under the age of 1679 using a bioactive aluminum “placebo” as a bogus control in clinical trials80-84
A vaccine that was only tested in 1,000 adolescent girls and boys in combination with the federally recommended Tdap and meningococcal vaccines85
A vaccine given by pediatricians shielded from legal accountability for vaccine injuries and deaths, just like vaccine manufacturers are shielded from civil liability in US courts86
A vaccine that by December 13, 2013 had generated nearly 30,000 adverse reaction reports to the US government, including 140 deaths87 – which is only a fraction of the numbers of Gardasil reactions, injuries, and deaths that have actually occurred because most doctors either do not report to the government or make reports directly to Merck.88-90
Federal Awards, Lawsuits, Gardasil Recommendation Withdrawal

Yes, it is illogical to assume that every single one of the reported Gardasil reaction reports and deaths are caused by the vaccine, but it is just as illogical to assume that none of them are caused by the vaccine. But logic has nothing to do with one-size-fits-all vaccine policies that sacrifice individuals, who are biologically or environmentally at high risk for suffering vaccine harm,91 while no research is being done to identify who they are to spare their lives.

Informed mothers know that among the $3 billion in federal compensation that has been awarded to vaccine victims in the US are awards for Gardasil vaccine injuries.92 They know Gardasil vaccine injured girls are suing vaccine manufacturers in France, where citizens can still file product liability lawsuits.93 They know that public health officials in Japan no longer recommend Gardasil vaccine because Japan’s government is not writing off every death and case of brain inflammation and autoimmunity following Gardasil shots as just a “coincidence.”94

HPV Vaccination Made a Top Public Health Priority in US

In what may or may not be a coincidence, at the end of December, the Centers for Disease Control made HPV vaccination one of the top five “public health priorities” for 2014. In one media article,95 the HPV vaccination rate of 30 percent in the US was compared to the 85 percent vaccination rate in Rwanda, an impoverished, war-torn country where women have been dying in great numbers from cervical cancer because there has been no routine pap screening available to them. In 2011, Merck created a school-based vaccination program for all sixth graders in Rwanda to be injected with three doses of Gardasil vaccine.96

But the United States is not Rwanda. In America, cervical cancer has declined more than 70 percent after pap screening became a routine part of women’s health care in the 1960s and, by 2006, pap tests had driven down the numbers of new cases of cervical cancer to 9,700 per year with about 3,700 deaths97 in a US population of more than 300 million people. In the US, the 14,000 annual deaths from six cancers associated with HPV98-104 represent less than three percent of the more than 550,000 cancer deaths that occur every year.

Many Other Public Health Emergencies in US Deserve Priority Status

There are many public health emergencies in our country that cause far more deaths and disabilities but do not receive a fair share of the hundreds of billions of dollars appropriated by Congress to health agencies every year.105 For example:

Between 210,000 and 440,000 hospitalized patients each year suffer some type of preventable harm that contributes to their death106
The US has the worst infant mortality107 and maternal mortality108,109 rates of all developed nations, with 28,000 babies dying before their first birthday110
Millions of children are becoming disabled or dying in the unexplained chronic illness epidemic111 that costs trillions of dollars to treat: one child in six in America is learning disabled;112 one in nine suffers from asthma;113 one in 10 has ADHD;114 1 in 50 develops autism115 and 1 in 450 becomes diabetic.116
Millions more are suffering from mental health problems. One adolescent in five in the US experiences significant symptoms of emotional distress, and one in 10 is emotionally impaired.117
Bigger Market for Merck and HPV Vaccine Mandates?

Perhaps the CDC is simply boosting the congressionally approved, lucrative public-private partnership with Big Pharma118-124 by securing a bigger market for Merck’s new 9-strain version of Gardasil scheduled to be licensed in the fall of 2014.125 Or perhaps the Merck-Government-Medical Trade lobby is planning another multi-state roll-out of HPV vaccine mandates for all sixth grade children in the US just like they did in 2007.126-128

Roll Up Your Sleeve – No Questions Asked

Whatever the reasons that government officials made HPV vaccination a top public health priority in the US, the cyber-lynching of Katie Couric and mothers reporting Gardasil vaccine reactions is a warning to parents everywhere. Do not forget that the cruel, dogmatic position of vaccine risk denialism is: roll up your sleeve – no questions asked – and “may the odds be ever in your favor.”129, 130


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Beta-Blockers Killed 800,000 in 5 Years—“Good Medicine” or Mass Murder?


By Dr. Mercola

Interview Transcript

Most people assume that scientific integrity is somehow assured; that there are safeguards along the way, preventing fraudulent research from harming patients.

Unfortunately, scientific misconduct has become a very serious and widespread problem that threatens the entire paradigm of science-based medicine—unless changes are made.

Again and again, papers assessing the prevalence of scientific fraud and/or the impact this is having shows that the situation is dire and getting worse. In short, we have lost scientific integrity, and without it, “science-based medicine” is just a term without substance.

Conflict of interest is another pervasive problem within the research field, and the featured article highlights a case that contains both.

Beta-blockers are drugs commonly used in the treatment of high blood pressure and congestive heart failure. They work primarily by blocking the neurotransmitters norepinephrine and epinephrine (adrenaline) from binding to beta receptors, thereby dilating blood vessels, which reduces your heart rate and blood pressure.

Until recently, the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) also recommended using beta-blockers in patients undergoing non-cardiac surgery.

A recent article in Forbes Magazine1 highlights how medical guidelines based on questionable science may have resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands of patients in just a few years:

“Last summer, British researchers provoked concern when they published a paper raising the possibility that by following an established guideline UK doctors may have caused as many as 10,000 deaths each year,2″ Larry Husten, editorial director of WebMD professional news, writes.

“Now, they have gone a step further and published an estimate that the same guideline may have led to the deaths of as many as 800,000 people in Europe over the last five years3…

The 800,000 deaths are comparable in size to the worst cases of genocide and mass murder in recent history.”

Guideline Based on Discredited Research May Have Caused 800,000 Deaths

The paper, originally published in the online version of the European Heart Journal,4 is a testament to the dangers of modern medicine, and why scientific rigor needs to be reestablished as the norm. As I’ve discussed before, scientific misconduct by medical researchers affects real people, living real lives. It could affect you.

When flawed research is used as the basis for medical guidelines, people that shouldn’t die do… All in the name of increasing profits to the drug company with reckless abandon and little to no concern for the casualties.

The issue goes back to research done by Don Poldermans,5 a cardiovascular researcher in the Netherlands, who was fired for scientific misconduct in 2011. Some of the strongest evidence for the European Society of Cardiology’s (ESC) guidelines on beta-blocker use in patients undergoing non-cardiac surgery came from Poldermans’ DECREASE trial.

It’s well worth noting that Poldermans was also the chairman of the committee that drafted the guideline (he has since resigned from his position with the task force6). While his DECREASE trial has not as of yet been retracted, the Erasmus Medical Center in Rotterdam stated7 he was fired because he was:

“…careless in collecting the data for his research. In one study, it was found that he used patient data without written permission, used fictitious data and that two reports were submitted to conferences which included knowingly unreliable data.”

You would think that once this was known, immediate action would result. However, it took two years before the ESC withdrew the beta-blocker recommendation once the Poldermans scandal had unraveled. This is absolutely scandalous as nearly a half of a million people died unnecessarily due to the delay.

In that two-year span, many European clinicians may have felt that their hands were tied, as failing to follow guidelines can lead to being penalized—even if the doctor knows the guidelines are likely to do more harm than good. As reported by Forbes:8

“They note that more than half of the lives lost—potentially more than 400,000—may ‘have occurred after the research was discredited,’ though some of the damage may have been mitigated if doctors changed their practice after reading about the controversy…

Cole and Francis argue that much needs to be changed in the application of medical research: ‘The aviation profession has led the way in systems to prevent, recognize, study, and learn from professional failures. Clinical medicine is now following the same path. We must develop similar systems for research.’”

Understanding and Weighing the Potential Risks and Benefits…

While some studies show perioperative beta blockers save lives, the featured report found that they’re killing people. So which is it? It turns out that both may be true–the BIG DIFFERENCE is that it all depends on whether you have a pre-existing, serious, life-threatening heart condition or not.

If you DO have a pre-existing, life-threatening condition, beta blockers appear to be helpful when you go into surgery. But if you DON’T, they appear to harm or even kill you. o, it’s important to realize that various studies address two very different scenarios:

People already taking beta blockers for serious heart conditions
People who are given beta blockers prior to surgery, even though their risk is negligible
One study9 opposing perioperative use of beta blockers showed that people who had the highest risk of dying from beta blockers were NOT the ones with the highest cardiac risk, meaning: Beta blockers may have helped those with the most serious conditions, while harming those with little or no prior heart risks.10

The first indication that beta blockers should not be routinely given prior to non-cardiac surgery due to the increased risk of death came out in 2008,11 but it appears that even though cardiology guidelines were eventually changed in both the UK and the US to reflect this concern, physicians continued to prescribe the perioperative use of beta blockers anyway.

Now, the reason for the controversy is that Poldermans has been called out for corrupt research practices; thus, now researchers are speculating that hundreds of thousands of people have been killed by the mass use of beta blockers before surgery.

However, as early as 2009 Poldermans claimed12 that the adverse events are caused by individual physicians using too high of a dosage of beta blockers, and not because of problems relating to his research.

The medical literature and media articles reflect ongoing concern and confusion about whether or not to give beta blockers with non-cardiac surgeries. What the media are missing is that the studies are talking about two different classes of patients.

It’s really all about weighing the risk/benefit ratio. In order to be of potential benefit, the risks associated with heart disease must outweigh the heavy risk and side effects of the drug itself, which is a very limited target population.

The moral of the story is that patients should push back to ensure the physician sees a definite need before prescribing this, or any other, drug. In this case, it appears that nearly a million Europeans with little or no need were given the drug as part of a routine guideline, and paid with their lives.

How Many Americans May have Been Harmed by Similar Guidelines?

If the claim that beta blockers may be killing some people—those who don’t already have serious risks for cardiac conditions, and who are not already on beta blockers –what is the potential number of deaths in the US?

Fortunately, according to a previous Forbes article13 published in July 2013, US guidelines are less aggressive in their support of perioperative beta blockers. Researchers say more than 30 million non-cardiac surgeries occur in the US each year,14 so if you divide 30 million by the 25 percent that European researchers claim may be harmed by this one-size-fits-all practice, you end up with a number of 7.5 million American surgery patients POTENTIALLY harmed by beta blockers each year. The numbers could be higher, or lower.

According to the CDC, the total number of surgical procedures performed in the US is 51.4 million, of which 4.7 million are cardiac-related. Using this statistic, the number of Americans potentially affected by dangerous beta blockers is 46.7 million, giving us a potential number of more than 11.6 million deaths each year. On the other hand, we don’t know how many already had a life-threatening heart condition prior to going in for non-cardiac surgery and might have benefited from the drug, opposed to patients whose risk of death is increased by the absence of prior heart disease…

Some validation for the concern that beta blockers is not a great idea for everyone may be found in an October 2013 study15 done in New York, which hasn’t been given much attention. It found that beta blocker use increased the odds of having an acute coronary event. In fact, researchers at SUNY were so concerned by what they found that they commented:

“The results from this study become especially important in view of the fact that beta-blockers are currently recommended by the American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association (ACC/AHA) 2011 guidelines regarding cardiac risk and management before, during and after surgery,”

Paper Removed for Peer Review

Interestingly, the paper that summarized the action taken to stop using the drug that was killing hundreds of thousands was quickly removed from the European Heart Journal’s website, without explanation. Husten followed up with the journal, and was told that, due to an oversight, the paper had not been peer-reviewed prior to publication.

This is standard procedure for any article containing “scientific statements.” The question is whether the paper actually contained statements in need of peer-review in the first place. Based on the reply from the paper’s authors, this could be a matter of debate. Husten writes:

“The authors of the ‘disappeared’ article, Graham Cole and Darrel Francis, sent the following statement: ‘Our article is a narrative of events with a timeline figure and a context figure. We had not considered it to contain scientific statements, but we admit that it does multiply together three published numbers…

The first of our two EHJ articles merely says that our community, which races to take credit when research-led therapy improves survival, must be equally attentive to the possibility of harm. The leverage of leadership means the magnitude of either may be far from trivial. Where our article relayed numbers, we made clear that alternative values were possible. The focus for readers was on how serious the consequences can be when clinical research goes wrong…

We admire Prof Lüscher’s diligence in sending for peer review what we thought was merely multiplication. We await the review of the pair of articles. The first narrated one instance of a pervasive problem. The second suggests what each of us can do to reduce recurrences.’”

Research Claims an Apple a Day Is Comparable to Daily Statin Use

In related news, a recent study published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ)16 found that simply eating an apple a day might help prevent cardiovascular-related deaths in those over 50 to a similar degree as using a daily statin. This reminds me of the recent analysis17 that found exercise is just as potent as medications for pre-diabetes and heart disease. In fact, the evidence was so strong, the researchers suggested that drug companies ought to be required to include exercise for comparison when conducting clinical trials for new drugs. Perhaps diet ought to be a standard comparator as well?

As reported by Medical News Today,18 there’s plenty of research suggesting that statins will reduce your risk of a vascular event like heart attack and stroke, even if you don’t have an underlying risk of cardiovascular problems. Such questionable research is being used to push for more widespread use of the drugs. But just how valuable is such research, once you compare it to something as simple as adding an apple to your diet?

“…[T]he investigators decided to see how widespread use of statins would impact the rate of vascular mortality in the over-50 UK population, and they compared this with the effects of apple consumption… From their calculations, they found that if 17.6 million people in the UK took a statin a day, this would reduce the number of vascular deaths by 9,400. If the whole over-50 UK population (22 million) ate an apple a day, this could reduce the annual number of vascular deaths by 8,500.

But the researchers took into account the side effects of statin use, stating that prescribing a statin to everyone over the age of 50 could lead to over 1,000 extra cases of muscle disease (myopathy) and more than 10,000 additional cases of diabetes…”

Beware of New Cholesterol Guidelines

One in four Americans over the age of 45 currently take a statin drug, despite the fact that there are over 900 studies proving their adverse effects, and recently updated treatment guidelines for high cholesterol will likely DOUBLE the number of Americans being prescribed these dangerous drugs.

While they’re trying to sell these new cholesterol guidelines as being focused on prevention through lifestyle modifications along with statin therapy, this is a gross misapplication of the word “prevention,” as these drugs cannot possibly address the underlying conditions of heart or cardiovascular disease. (Even more egregious, it completely ignores recent research showing that statins can effectively nullify the benefits of exercise, which is one of the primary heart disease prevention strategies.)

It’s also important to know that the cardiovascular risk calculator used to determine whether you are a candidate for statin drug treatment under these new guidelines (which ignores your cholesterol level), is seriously flawed. Until or unless the calculator is revised, it may overestimate your cardiovascular health risk by anywhere from 75 to 150 percent! Basically, it is currently calibrated in such a way that virtually everyone will qualify for statin treatment, no matter how healthy you are.

How to Get Solid Information in an Era of Confusion and Corruption

Ultimately, the take-home message here is that even if a drug or treatment is “backed by science,” this in absolutely no way guarantees it is safe or effective. Likewise, if an alternative treatment has not been published in a medical journal, it does not mean it is unsafe or ineffective. Exercising and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables may be just as effective as a drug treatment, as some studies have shown. That is why it is so crucial to have a philosophical framework to assist you in evaluating all these studies that can fire off your alarm signals if it violates those guidelines.

You’ve got to use all the resources available to you, including your own common sense and reason, true experts’ advice, and other’s experiences, to determine what medical treatment or advice will be best for you in any given situation. I advise you to remain skeptical but open — even if it is something I’m saying, you need to realize that YOU are responsible for your and your family’s health, not me, and certainly not drug companies trying to sell their wares and convince you to take dangerous “symptom-cover-ups” disguised as science-based solutions.

Since it is very well established that most prescribed drugs do absolutely nothing to treat the cause of disease, it would be prudent to exercise the precautionary principle when evaluating ANY new drug claim, as it will more than likely be seriously flawed, biased, or worse.

If you’re facing a health challenge, it is best to identify a qualified natural health consultant—someone who really understands health at a foundational level and has had extensive experience in helping others resolve their health care challenges. Just make sure to see a competent regular physician to make certain serious disorders like cancer are ruled out as well.

Basic Tenets of Optimal Health

I have provided some general conclusions I have reached after seeing 25,000 patients and actively seeking to achieve a high level of wellness myself. Hopefully, you can use these as a starting point to develop your own personalized philosophical framework that can help you sort through any existing or new health recommendations as an additional filter, to help you determine if they are valid or not. We clearly want to learn from others’ mistakes. No need to blindly follow medical advice that has killed hundreds of thousands.

Eat a healthy diet focused on fresh, whole foods (ideally organic and/or locally grown). Try to eat a large portion of your food raw. You want to pay careful attention to keeping your insulin levels down, which means avoiding sugars and grains of all kinds, and replacing the lost carbs with healthful fats. Also, be mindful of your protein sources, making sure they’re of high quality (ideally organically-raised and pasture-fed). A high-fat, moderate-protein, low-carb diet is likely to improve the health of most people. My optimized Nutritional Plan can guide you, whether you’re at a beginner or advanced level.
Consume healthy fat. The science is loud and clear on this point: omega-3 fats are essential for optimal health. Unfortunately, most fish commercially available today are polluted with mercury, PCBs, and other toxic substances, which is why I recommend you take a supplement like krill oil instead of getting it from your food. Other healthy fats include coconut oil, avocados, olives, olive oil, butter and macadamia nuts. All these fats are low in protein and carbs and will not impair insulin, leptin or mTOR.
Make clean, pure water your primary beverage, and steer clear of all sweetened and/or flavored beverages, including those that contain artificial sweeteners
Manage your stress. There are many effective stress-relieving tools out there, but I have found energy psychology approaches like the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to be very helpful.
Exercise regularly. Ideally, you want a comprehensive fitness regimen that includes stretching, high intensity interval training, core strengthening exercises, and strength training
Get plenty of appropriate sun exposure to optimize your vitamin D levels naturally. UV exposure also has additional health benefits beyond vitamin D production. A robust and growing body of research clearly shows that vitamin D is absolutely critical for your health. The D*Action project has been initiated by GrassrootsHealth along with 42 leading vitamin D researchers to demonstrate how health can be achieved right now with what’s known about vitamin D with a combination of vitamin D measurement and health outcome tracking. To learn more, please see this recent article.
Limit your exposure to toxins of all kinds. The number of toxic chemicals and their sources is so large, addressing them all could easily require an entire library, but I believe you can help you keep your toxic load as low as possible by becoming an informed and vigilant consumer. This includes tossing out your toxic household cleaners, soaps, personal hygiene products, air fresheners, bug sprays, lawn pesticides, and insecticides, just to name a few, and replacing them with non-toxic alternatives
Get plenty of quality sleep. Scientists have discovered that your circadian rhythms regulate the energy levels in your cells. In addition, the proteins involved with your circadian rhythm and metabolism are intrinsically linked and dependent upon each other. Therefore, when your circadian rhythm is disrupted, it can have a profound influence on your physical health. For example, research has also linked disrupted sleep cycles to serious health problems like depression, coronary heart diseases, and even cancer. If you have any kind of sleep problem, whether you’re having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, my article “33 Secrets to a Good Night’s Sleep” is packed with great tips to help you finally get some good rest.

Sources and References
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Grocery Manufacturer’s Association Overtakes Monsanto as “Most Evil Corporation on the Planet”


By Dr. Mercola

The addictive and health-harming nature of sugar and processed food has been repeatedly confirmed through the years, and genetically engineered foods rank equally high on the list when it comes to foods that do more harm than good.

Monsanto, as most of you may already know, has long been referred to by those in the know as “the most evil company on the planet.” But it has stiff competition. Before there was Monsanto, junk food companies were already hard at work influencing American politics to further their own agenda.

The processed food industry has a lot to answer for when it comes to the general health of Americans, who spend upwards of 90 percent of all their food dollars on processed convenience foods.

The latest developments in the fight for GMO labeling actually makes a strong case for giving the title of “Most Evil Organization on the Planet” to the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association of America (GMA), which represents the processed food leaders, including Pepsi, Coke, Kraft, Kellogg’s, and General Mills.

The Grocery Manufacturer’s Association also lists Monsanto as a member, so it would make sense that the sum would be greater than the parts.

This organization is no stranger to stooping way down low to protect their members’ interests—your health and human rights be damned. And that is, in my opinion, evil.

GMA Caught in Money Laundering Scheme

But before I get into the latest developments, let me backtrack for a moment. During last year’s I-522 ballot campaign to label GMOs in Washington State, the GMA came up with an ingenious, and illegal, money laundering scheme to protect the identity of members who donated funds to the opposing campaign.1

Several major food companies experienced massive backlash and consumer boycotts once their contributions to the anti-labeling campaign in California (Prop. 37) in 2012 became widely known. This was a fate they all wanted to avoid, no doubt, and to prevent you from knowing which companies funded the anti-labeling campaign in Washington State, the GMA create a “brand defense” account, which paid for the campaign’s propaganda without disclosing where the money came from.

This illegal move helped them defeat I-522 by a mere one percent margin. The scheme fell apart however, and the GMA was sued by Attorney General Bob Ferguson,2 who accused them of intentional money laundering and violating state campaign disclosure laws.

As a result, the identities of the companies paying to defeat I-522 were released.3 Not surprisingly it contained the usual suspects: Pepsi, Coke, General Mills, and Nestle – all primary purveyors of chronic disease.

Documents Unearthed in GMA Money Laundering Scandal Reveal Long-Term Plans to Combat GMO Labeling

Lawbreakers or not, the GMA’s work continues unabated, and job number one is to keep you as uninformed about GMOs as possible. This was clearly evidenced in heavily redacted documents4 released through the Attorney General’s investigation of the GMA money laundering scheme.

A previous Politico report5 revealed that a key aspect of the GMA’s plan for combating GMO labeling efforts across the US included the pursuit of statutory federal preemption—a law that prevents a labeling requirement.

This is one part of a detailed, five-pronged strategic plan to keep its members from having to reveal what their foods are made of. The documents6 released through the Attorney General also reveal quite a bit about the GMA’s strategic plan by what they hide. Large sections of the documents are redacted, including:

A portion under the heading “Industry Image Efforts,” which appears to be related to the GMA’s plan for addressing “attackers,” i.e. people and organizations working toward letting you know what’s in your food
Under the subhead “Industry Image Campaign,” it is revealed that a PR firm, the name of which is redacted, “has been retained to help develop a comprehensive program for execution in 2014.” The details relating to this plan are redacted
A section redacted in its entirety is titled, “Examining Options for Conveying Information to Consumers”
Also redacted is the name of an entity that “understands the need for continued opposition to efforts at the state level to impose mandatory labels and has directed GMA staff to continue to oppose such efforts.” I for one am curious as to who this mysterious entity is that has “directed” the GMA to oppose labeling in the face of public demand for disclosure and transparency…
Also redacted are several pages-worth relating to the Association’s long-term plans to quench GMO transparency issues
GMA Now Pushing for Industry-Friendly GMO Labeling

As reported in the featured article7 and elsewhere,8 the GMA’s preemptive attempts are now in full swing. As stated earlier, a major part of the GMA’s plan is to prevent states from creating their own labeling laws by pushing for an industry-friendly, voluntary labeling law at the federal level.

“The push for a softer national standard on GMO labeling comes as consumer interest in biotech foods has blown up into an intense national conversation, and the food industry is clearly trying to get out ahead of a strong, vocal movement pushing strict labeling requirements in multiple states around the country,” Politico writes.9 “GMA’s proposal is aimed at protecting its members from having to fight a series of state labeling efforts as several states…”

On December 5, 2013, the GMA sent a letter 10 to Elizabeth Dickinson, Chief Counsel of the FDA, informing her that “GMA will be filing a Citizen Petition early in 2014 that asks FDA to issue a regulation authorizing foods containing ingredients derived from biotechnology to be labeled “natural.”

According to the letter, 26 state legislatures are currently considering whether GMOs should be permitted in products bearing a “natural” label, and some 65 class action lawsuits have been filed against food manufacturers who use GMO ingredients in their “natural” products. The GMA essentially wants the FDA to settle the dispute and close the door on future lawsuits. The letter reads, in part:

“Consumers and the food industry would all benefit from uniform legal requirements and the consistent outcomes that result from federal regulations, rather than state-by-state dictates… As such, federal rulemaking is needed here so that the issue of whether foods that contain ingredients derived from biotechnology can be labeled “natural” is removed from judicial or state interpretation…”

The Center for Food Safety has previously urged the FDA to reject such petitions.11 Clearly, genetically engineered foods are far from natural. It is the very epitome of unnatural.

GMA Sues Washington State for Right to Hide Corporate Funding!

But the GMA has more dirty tricks up its sleeve. On January 13, the Washington State Office of the Attorney General announced that the GMA has countersued the state, challenging its campaign finance laws.12 Essentially, the Association is suing for the right to hide corporate campaign funds—a move that threatens the transparency of the state’s elections on every issue! What’s more, the GMA has also filed a civil rights complaint against the Attorney General himself, claiming that he acted unconstitutionally when he enforced the state’s laws! According to the press release:

“In its counterclaim and civil rights suit, the GMA claims the following are unconstitutional as they have been applied in this case:

Washington’s law requiring the GMA to file a political committee before collecting funds from its members for specific political activity in Washington;
Washington’s law requiring the GMA to disclose the organizations who contributed to its special political fund and how much they donated; and
Washington’s law requiring the GMA to secure $10 in donations from 10 separate registered Washington voters as part of its political committee before donating to another political committee”
It would be laughable if it wasn’t so serious. This is bullying at its finest. The GMA wants to send a message to any individual who thinks he has the power to stand in its way, and to any state who tries to protect the rights of its people, that it’s going to cost you. Fortunately, Attorney General Ferguson is no wuss, boldly declaring:

“After breaking our state’s campaign finance disclosure laws, the GMA now seeks to have them declared unconstitutional. I look forward to defending transparency in Washington elections.”

A GMA document also lays out a clear-cut strategy for addressing any state that successfully implements a GMO labeling law, stating that, “The first state to implement a GMO labeling law will be sued on the constitutional grounds seen in IDFA v. Amestoy.” Costly litigation is clearly part of the GMA’s overall master plan to protect industry profits in the face of growing consumer awareness about the many problems inherent with genetically engineered and grossly adulterated, processed foods….

GMA Litigation Conference

The GMA also holds an annual Litigation Conference,13 where its members are taught to push for more mandatory vaccines to circumvent lawsuits against tainted CAFO products, and how to squash consumer groups seeking to rid the industry of hazardous ingredients . Here are just a couple of the presentations scheduled for the 2014 event:

Preventing Foodborne Illness through Vaccinations. Vaccinations and inoculations can be an effective tool for preventing foodborne illness outbreaks, however employment and labor laws create a significant hurdle to this approach.
For example, Hepatitis A is the cause of numerous outbreaks every year. A simple vaccination for food service employees would greatly reduce this risk, however current labor laws prevent employers from forcing the vaccination on employees. This session will explore this and other methods for preventing foodborne illness outbreaks, and how these approaches are impacted by employment and labor laws.

Trans Fats and Beyond: Anticipating the Next Generation of Industry Risks. The FDA’s recent decision regarding GRAS status for partially-hydrogenated oils (PHO) containing trans fats may be just the tip of the iceberg if consumer groups and plaintiff’s attorneys have their way. This presentation will discuss the litigation and regulatory implications of FDA’s PHO decision, the increasing power and tactics of CSPI and other consumer groups, and the next generation of risks to face the food industry, such as the Pew Food Additives Project, challenges to GRAS self-affirmation, nanotechnology, pesticide residues, and involvement by state attorneys general in false labeling cases.
Junk Food Industry Has Had Full Control Over Federal Food Policy for More Than 60 Years

Pesticide producers and junk food manufacturers have been allowed to create terrifyingly ignorant policies for health, in exchange for a rather lucrative business model that benefits their own bottom lines.

The GMA has not only resorted to illegal means to further the agenda of its junk food-producing members—some 300 of them in all—the organization is also trying to muscle its way out of its legal conundrums by filing countersuits at the expense of state governments.

An article written in 1950, titled “The Battlefront for Better Nutrition,”14 clearly shows just how little has changed in the past 60 years, and how the junk food industry has had full control of our federal food policy this entire time. As you can see by the following excerpt, the corruption was already well-recognized 60 years ago, yet has been allowed to continue to flourish and grow with each passing year.

“… [T]here is a battle going on between those who are trying to promote better nutrition, and the food manufacturers who insist on making products ‘worse so that they can be sold for less,’ thereby eliminating the competition of more honest and self-respecting producers who would prefer to apply in business the Golden Rule…

These commercial interests have the United States Government on their side, ever since they ousted Dr. Harvey W. Wiley from his job as head of the Food & Drug Administration in 1912. The present head of the Food & Drug Division of Nutrition, Dr. Elmer M. Nelson in a special Constitutional Court in Washington… testified that: ‘It is wholly unscientific to state that a well fed body is more able to resist disease than a less well-fed body. My overall opinion is that there hasn’t been enough experimentation to prove dietary deficiencies make one more susceptible to disease.’ (Washington Post, October 26, 1949.)

This is nothing new for Dr. Nelson. Ten years ago he, with his group of experts, testified in a similar court, that neither degenerative disease, infectious disease, nor functional disease could result from any nutritional deficiency. For all these years, he has battled for the maker of devitalized foods, tried to stem the tide of public opinion against the use of white flour, refined sugar, pasteurized milk and imitation butter by vigorous prosecution of any maker of any dietary supplement designed to abate the consequences of using such devitalized food, basing his arguments on the thesis that there were no such things as deficiency diseases.

Truly, as Dr. Wiley sadly remarked in his book The History of a Crime Against the Pure Food Law (1930) the makers of unfit foods have taken possession of Food & Drug enforcement, and have reversed the effect of the law, protecting the criminals that adulterate foods, instead of protecting the public health.”

Take Control of Your Diet and Your Health

It’s time we started to make real change, and we need to take that upon ourselves first and foremost.

You don’t have to be a victim of corrupted food and health policy. Your diet is foundational for optimal health, and healthy eating is actually less complicated than most people think. Here’s a quick and dirty summary. For a comprehensive, step-by-step program, please see my free optimized nutrition plan. If you’re new to healthful living, these four basic steps alone can put you on the right path toward vastly improved health, regardless of how corrupted our government is:

Focus on raw, fresh foods, and avoid as many processed foods as possible (for those who still have trouble understanding what “processed food” is: if it comes in a can, bottle, or package, and has a list of ingredients, it’s processed)
Avoid foods that contain fructose (check the label for ingredients like corn syrup or high fructose corn syrup.) Not only is excessive fructose consumption responsible for obesity and chronic disease, most processed fructose is made from genetically engineered corn
Limit or eliminate grain carbohydrates, and replace them with healthful fats, such as avocados, butter made from raw grass-fed organic milk, grass-fed meats and organic pastured eggs, coconuts and coconut oil, and raw nuts such as macadamia
Replace sodas and other sweetened beverages (whether diet or regular) with clean, pure water
Vote with Your Pocketbook, Every Day

The food companies on the left of this graphic spent tens of millions of dollars in the last two labeling campaigns—in California and Washington State—to prevent you from knowing what’s in your food. You can send a message right back to the GMA and its members who tried to deceive you by illegally hiding their campaign contributions by switching to the brands on the right; all of whom stood behind the I-522 Right to Know campaign. Voting with your pocketbook, at every meal, matters. It makes a huge difference.

I also encourage you to continue educating yourself about our agriculture and food policies, and to share what you’ve learned with family and friends.

Sources and References
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Five Bodyweight Exercises You May Be Doing Wrong and How to Fix Them


By Dr. Mercola

Many exercise systems often sound great at first, but in reality simply will not make a good fit for your life.

Thankfully, there is something else you can try called bodyweight exercising, which is so flexible that it answers every possible concern you might have, including time constraints, prohibitive cost, and location issues.

Bodyweight exercise got its name because your own body provides all the resistance needed to help you get fit… and it does so at your own pace, without requiring a personal trainer to design the perfect system for your lifestyle and fitness level.

You likely already know that exercise is necessary to achieve high level health and a long life. What is not always clear is how you should go about it. There are countless different plans and theories about how to exercise.

Only you can choose a regimen that will fit into your personal lifestyle, in terms of time, equipment, travel to a gym or not, indoors versus outdoors, etc. Bodyweight exercises are some of the most flexible, since all you need is your own body.

You can do them anywhere, anytime, at your own pace and level, alone or with a friend—even if you and your friend are at different levels. It doesn’t cost a single penny. The method is not only effective, allowing you to train every muscle in your body, but it’s simple and allows you to work out at your own pace.

Because of the convenience factor, bodyweight exercises have been catching on—but many folks are performing them incorrectly. This is a real concern, because exercising incorrectly is an ineffective waste of time and may set the stage for a serious injury.

Health Benefits of Bodyweight Exercise

In the Huffington Post, Dave Smith discusses some of the greatest benefits of bodyweight exercise:1

Workouts are highly efficient. As Dave points out, the goal is fitness, not to look like “Arnold circa 1977.” No equipment means that there’s minimal time transitioning from one exercise in your self-defined set to the next, so your heart rate is boosted quickly and keeps pumping.
You get both cardiovascular and strength training. It is not necessary to do two separate workouts to achieve both types of fitness. Simply alternating exercise sets from cardiovascular to strength training keeps your pulse up.
Your core strength is improved. The Mayo Clinic tells us that 29 muscle pairs located in the pelvis, abdomen and lower back form the core that’s needed to support your body and maintain balance.2 Your athletic ability, posture, and all the little things you do every day—like just plain sitting or doing the laundry—will be improved when your core is strengthened and stabilized.
You’ll be more flexible. Increased strength without improved flexibility won’t do you much good. Good posture and athletic performance require good flexibility. Inability to stretch and bend is related to lack of flexibility.
Your balance will improve. As you progress into more difficult variations of exercises, your ability to balance is trained. Better balance helps you achieve better body control. Since age and infirmity do not usually hinder performance of bodyweight exercises, they may be a great way for the elderly to maintain and improve balance.
With Bodyweight Exercising, You Are Your Own Personal Trainer!

Bodyweight exercise can be done by just about anyone. One study found benefits for stroke patients.3 If bodyweight exercise can help someone who’s suffered a major stroke and has difficulty walking, it would seem that nearly anyone could benefit.

Adaptability is what makes this system so good: it’s adjustable to almost anyone, from the least fit to the professional athlete. Just learn the basics and try different approaches until you find what works best for you. Just be sure you are performing the exercises correctly! There are five exercises that tend to be performed wrong, as this article in Men’s Health4 discusses. Let’s walk through each of them, and perhaps there are some modifications you’ll want to implement, in order to maximize your workouts.

1. Trade in Your Triceps Dip for a Plank-to-Triceps Extension

Unfortunately, the popular triceps dip is one of the worst moves for building fuller, stronger arms, because it places your shoulder joints in an unstable position and overloads the small muscles of your rotator cuff, which raises your risk for injury. Instead, substitute the plank-to-triceps extension in the following manner:

“Start to get into a pushup position, but bend your elbows and rest your weight on your forearms instead of on your hands. Your body should form a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles. Without allowing your lower back posture to change, contract your triceps, press your palms into the floor, and lift your elbows off the floor until your arms are completely straight. You should now be in a pushup position. Slowly lower to the start position. Do 15 to 20 repetitions with perfect form.”

2. Slow Down, Mountain Man

Doing mountain climber quickly invariably results in sloppy form, unless you are one of the strongest elite athletes. Putting this type of strain on your spine increases your risk of a back injury. But if you slow it down, the exercise will be safer and far more effective.

“Start in a pushup position with your arms completely straight. Brace your abs, and hold them that way for the entire movement. Without changing your lower-back posture, lift your right foot off the floor and raise your knee as close to your chest as you can. Touch the floor with your right foot, and then return to the starting position. Repeat with your left leg. Alternate back and forth for 30 reps total.

If you perform a cross-body mountain climber, raise your right knee toward your left elbow, lower, and then raise your left knee to your right elbow. Minimize the rotation in your lower back as you alternate back and forth.”

3. Squat Like a Prisoner

Squats are one of the best functional exercises out there, promoting mobility and balance, and helping you complete real-world activities with ease. Squats also help you to burn more fat, because they build so much muscle. Squats have sometimes been criticized for being destructive to your knees, but research shows that when done properly, squats actually improve knee stability and strengthen connective tissue. With just a slight modification, you can use squats to work your back, arms, and posture—all at the same time!

In this “Prisoner Squat” variation, instead of holding your hands out in front of your body as you squat, place your fingers on the back of your head and hold your elbows out (as if you’re being arrested). Stick your chest out, pull your elbows and shoulders back, and keep your back muscles contracted hard throughout the entire squat. When you return to standing, squeeze your shoulder blades together to create maximum tension.

For added challenge and variety, try modifications such as split squats, sissy squats, pistol squats, and goblet squats. But before getting fancy, however, make sure you can perform a basic, perfect squat, as Darin Steen demonstrates in the video above. And for the ultimate, try super-slow squats. By slowing down your movement and focusing on control, you’re actually turning your regular old squats into a high-intensity exercise, which science is proving provides greater benefits than low-intensity workouts.

4. Think You Have Pushups Down? Think Again

Just as with triceps dips, there have been many torn or strained rotator cuffs from performing pushups incorrectly. Even done correctly, standard pushups will start to lose effectiveness over time if you don’t add in new challenges. Make sure you can master the perfect pushup before you begin modifying it.

During a pushup, many people allow their elbows to flare out, which causes immense stress on their shoulders. The idea is to keep your elbows at a 45-degree angle from your body—and close to your body—when you’re in the bottom position. This also reduces the amount of work your pecs have to do. You can make the exercise more challenging with the following modification:

“To make your chest work harder, use this rest and pause technique. Perform as many pushups as you can, and then rest for 20 seconds. Repeat once more. Finally, finish with one last round of pushups to failure. The result: a pumped-up chest and healthy shoulders.”

5. Stepping Outside Your Box

Box jumps have become quite popular with the advent of CrossFit, but they are associated with a fair number of injuries, especially from jumping backward off a box. When jumping off backward, you tend to land with your weight forward for balance. This can produce an abrupt stretch of your Achilles tendons—and the last thing you want is a torn Achilles! Therefore, instead of jumping backward off the box, simply step down. This will slow down the pace, which makes the exercise more controlled, safer and more effective. Men’s Health also suggests some total body extensions:

“Stand with your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart, toes forward. Push your hips back as if you’re about to sit in a chair, and lower your body. Let your arms hang by your hips with your palms facing behind you. In one swift motion, swing your arms straight overhead, and explosively stand up by thrusting your hips forward and rising up on your toes. Immediately return to the start position. Continue to do as many reps as you can for one minute.”

Exercising Properly Reaps Countless Rewards

Bodyweight exercise is effective and frees you from the expenses and restrictions of many other exercise programs. However, it’s critical to understand that you shouldn’t just go flinging your body around or acting as if you’re immune to injury. If you focus on proper form, you will gain the most benefit and minimize your injury risk.

Every person is different, so there are many “correct” ways to exercise. Because we’re all different, what works for one person may do little for another. Experiment a little! If you can tolerate a bit of “fumbling around” until you find the exercise routine that works best for you, the benefits to your mental and physical health will be immeasurable!

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